Movies Filmed at General Worth Square / Broadway & 5th Avenue

Broadway & 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010, USA
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5th Avenue (between 23rd & Broadway) from Person of Interest
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West 25th Street (between Broadway & 5th… from Person of Interest
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The 40/40 Club from Younger
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Person of Interest

Saying Goodbye to Harper

Finch and Reese say goodbye to Harper in episode 4x16 “Blunt”.

Table in Park

Finch talks to Henry Peck about the machine in episode 1x22 “No Good Deed”.

Hersh Arrested

Hersh fires his gun into the air in order to get arrested in episode 2x12 “Prisoner's Dilemma”.

Karolina Kurkova Says Goodbye

Karolina Kurkova kisses Fusco goodbye after he saves her life in episode 2x12 “Prisoner's Dilemma”.

Meeting Jumpy Jerry

Root and Finch meet with a middleman who leads them to the mobster Janis in episode 4x03 “Wingman”.