Movies Filmed at 214 Lafayette Street

214 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012, USA

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Petrosino Square from Person of Interest
25 m

Lafayette Street (between Spring & Kenma… from Person of Interest
25 m

The Corner Deli from C.H.U.D.
45 m

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Person of Interest

Will Ingram's Loft

Finch goes back to Will Ingram's loft and talks to him about his father in episode 1x12 “Legacy”.

Andrea Gutierrez's Safe House

Reese takes Andrea Gutierrez to a safe house where she continues her research in episode 1x12 “Legacy”.

Reese's New Apartment

Finch sends Reese to an address that turns out to be an apartment for him to stay at. Only appears in the extended version of the pilot. in pilot episode.