“Pilot” Filming Locations

Finch recruits Reese to help him save people and gives him the number of of an ADA who appears to be in danger from a group of corrupt cops.

Person of Interest pilot episode was filmed in New York & Yonkers in the United States of America.

McGraw-Hill Plaza as Payphone in Plaza

Finch and Reese follow Diane Hansen to when she goes to a food cart. At the end of the episode Carter arrests Azarello while questioning him about the Man in the Suit.

214 Lafayette Street as Reese's New Apartment

Finch sends Reese to an address that turns out to be an apartment for him to stay at. Only appears in the extended version of the pilot.

Bush Tower as Across from Diane Hansen's Office

Reese watches Diane Hansen in her office from a rooftop opposite.