“Pilot” Filming Locations

Finch recruits Reese to help him save people and gives him the number of of an ADA who appears to be in danger from a group of corrupt cops.

Series: Person of Interest Pilot
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Person of Interest pilot episode was filmed in New York & Yonkers in United States of America.
Show Map

NYC DoT Bridge Painting Building as 8th Precinct (interior)

Reese is brought into the precinct with the four guys he beat up and Carter tries to get some answers from him.

Source: Audio Commentary


570 Washington Street as 8th Precinct (pilot exterior)

Reese leaves the precinct and gets into a car with Finch's bodyguards.


Queensbridge Park as Queensbridge Park

Reese is taken to meet Finch for the first time.


McGraw-Hill Plaza as Payphone in Plaza

Finch and Reese follow Diane Hansen to when she goes to a food cart. At the end of the episode Carter arrests Azarello while questioning him about the Man in the Suit.


W. B. Thompson Mansion as Reese's Hotel Room

Reese shaves and goes to sleep in a dumpy hotel room.


W. B. Thompson Mansion as Finch's Hotel Room

Reese wakes up in a hotel room with Finch.


Theatre Alley (south of Park, west of Beekman) as Finch's Library (alley)

Finch leads Reese down an alley and into the back of his library hideout.


W. B. Thompson Mansion as Finch's Library (interior)

Finch takes Reese to an abandoned library he is using as his base of operation.


214 Lafayette Street as Reese's New Apartment

Finch sends Reese to an address that turns out to be an apartment for him to stay at. Only appears in the extended version of the pilot.


Long Island City Courthouse as Supreme Court of the State of New York

Reese follows Diane Hansen to the courthouse and watches her talk to Fusco.


W. B. Thompson Mansion as Charles Robinson's Apartment

Reese searches the apartment of one of their suspects only to discover the man is on the straight and narrow.


NYC DoT Bridge Repair Building as Manhattan Detention Center

Reese follows Diane Hansen to lockup where she interviews Lawrence Pope.


Bush Tower as Across from Diane Hansen's Office

Reese watches Diane Hansen in her office from a rooftop opposite.


Alvin Alley American Dance Theater as Diane Hansen's Office

Reese watches Diane Hansen in her office and later searches it.


P.S. 140 Nathan Straus as Michael Pope's School

Reese waits for Michael Pope outside his school but is spotted.


Stanton Street (between Clinton & Attorney) as Chasing Michael Pope

Reese chases Michael Pope after being spotted at the school.


Essex Street (between Broome & Delancey) as Michael Pope Escapes

Reese catches up with Michael Pope and plants a cell phone in his backpack before he runs into the subway.


Estevez Supermarket as Convenience Store

Anton and his gang arrive at a store they are using as a hideout.


West 116th Street & Riverside Drive as 97th & Riverside

Reese attacks the corrupt polices and takes Michael Pope from their SUV.


Clinton Diner as Truck Stop Diner

Reese takes photos of Stills and his men leaving a diner.

The Mall (Central Park) as The Mall

Finch talks to Reese about the machine.


Inscope Arch (Central Park) as Inscope Tunnel

Finch talks about his motivation for building the machine with Reese.


Wollman Rink (Central Park) as Central Park

Finch tells Reese about the machine in the park.


Bay Parkway (near turnaround) as Oyster Bay

Reese causes Fusco's car to crash when he is being driven out to be killed.

Source: Audio Commentary


675 Walton Avenue as Wheeler's Apartment

Reese stops Stills and corrupt cops from attacking Wheeler in his building.