Movies Filmed at 4 Times Square

4 Times Square #22, New York, NY 10036, USA

A 52-story office building constructed in 1999 and formerly known as the Condé Nast Building. While the building itself isn't near the top of the list of tallest buildings in the city, it is topped with a 300-foot antenna mast for four FM radio stations and three TV stations. With the mast's height included the building becomes the 5th tallest in the city. The building was designed with two distinctly different sides, one to blend in with the extravagance of Times Square while the other fits in with the more sedate buildings of the adjacent business district.

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Reed Strauss Nunnelly

Bull & Benny go into the offices of J.P. Nunnelly to hear the deal she managed to get for him in episode 1x21 “How to Dodge a Bullet”. Bull goes over to J.P.'s office to meet with the CEO of Heptex in episode 1x22 “Dirty Little Secrets”.

TAC (lobby)

Bull welcomes J.P. Nunnelly to the offices in episode 1x21 “How to Dodge a Bullet”.

The Foresight Foundry

Danny follows Harry Kemp up to a mysterious office with heavy security in episode 1x22 “Dirty Little Secrets”.