Bull Filming Locations

Dr. Jason Bull is a psychologist that uses his training to run a successful trial consulting firm, the Trial Analysis Corporation, which helps legal teams select and sway juries during trials. Inspired by the work of Dr. Phil McGraw, founder of one of the most successful trial consulting firms.

Bull was filmed in New York, Congers, Mt. Vernon, & Long Beach in the United States of America.

New York State Supreme Court Building


Bull gives Clyde Rutledge back his watch with the listening device installed in episode 1x01 “The Necklace”. Reese Burton is hounded by the press on her way out of her arraignment in episode 1x03 “Unambiguous”. Bull talks to Izzy's assistant Alison outside the courthouse after jury selection and Izzy invites Benny out for dinner in episode 1x08 “Too Perfect”.

Appears in 8 additional episodes.
Teacher's Pet

Wendy Anderson gives a press conference on the steps of the courthouse and later Bull meets Jeffrey Bryant in the lobby.

The Fall

Bull talks to Abigail Walsh about the kind of jurors they want in the case.

What's Your Number?

Dennis Olsen gives a press conference about the case outside the courthouse.

Name Game

Bull and Benny talk about their first witness while walking past the bank's CEO giving a press conference outside the courthouse.

Dressed to Kill

Bull approaches Giancarlo Sartor with evidence of his crimes.

School for Scandal

Bull comes outside to find Juror 39 talking with her mother on the phone and he learns she is from Callisto, Texas.

Already Gone

Bull complains to Benny about the court's hours while walking in to submit some documents.

A Business of Favors

ADA Abernathy is approached by the opposing lawyer who tries to convince them that death was a tragic accident.

Thomas Paine Park / Foley Square

Thomas Paine Park

Bull comes out of the subway with Marissa and they comment on the law firm's offices they are heading too in episode 1x02 “The Woman in 8D”. Bull talks to Jace Rundle about his condition in the park across from the courthouse in episode 1x13 “The Fall”. Danny gets a call from the Project Manager Sean Laheri who wants to meet in episode 1x15 “What's Your Number?”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Name Game

Bull approaches Sofia Dern and asks her to help convince Larry that even he can be scammed.

Dressed to Kill

Chunk chases Giancarlo Sartor across the street when he runs after being accused.

4 Times Square

Reed Strauss Nunnelly

Bull & Benny go into the offices of J.P. Nunnelly to hear the deal she managed to get for him in episode 1x21 “How to Dodge a Bullet”. Bull goes over to J.P.'s office to meet with the CEO of Heptex in episode 1x22 “Dirty Little Secrets”.

The Foresight Foundry

Danny follows Harry Kemp up to a mysterious office with heavy security in episode 1x22 “Dirty Little Secrets”.

TAC (lobby)

Bull welcomes J.P. Nunnelly to the offices in episode 1x21 “How to Dodge a Bullet”.

2 Court Square

U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia

Danny meets with a staff member at the embassy to find out what can be done to get the kid back in episode 2x04 “The Illusion of Control”.

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TAC (lobby)

Bull, Marissa, & Benny are leaving the office when Marissa is subpoenaed as a witness in episode 2x04 “The Illusion of Control”.

Bekele Foundation

Amaya Andrews announces the formation of her new foundation to support international adoption and thanks Bull for his help in episode 2x04 “The Illusion of Control”.

Gary's Loft

Izzy's Loft

Bull and Izzy go up to her rooftop to have drinks and talk about the past in episode 1x08 “Too Perfect”.

Oliver Brooks's Apartment

A woman is working out in her apartment following Isabella Colón's regime when she dies in episode 1x08 “Too Perfect”.

International Union of Operating Engineers - Local 30

FBI Field Office

Danny goes to the FBI office to get some information from her friend Rick Jarvis about the investigation into the Governor in episode 1x16 “Free Fall”.

Veronica's Office

Danny goes to the offices of one of the Governor's former staffers posting as a journalist to get some information for the case in episode 1x16 “Free Fall”.

28 Liberty

Brannigan Trust

Erin Howland goes to the office of her broker only to find a scammy boiler room which quickly disappears in episode 1x17 “Name Game”.

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers

Troy Dickerson is golfing with his father when he gets a text message and kills his father with a golf club in episode 1x20 “Make Me”.

Jackson Hole Burgers

Air Line Diner

Bull and Danny track Susan Bryant and Jordan Henderson to a diner in New Jersey where Bull has a long talk with Susan in episode 1x11 “Teacher's Pet”.

Last Chance Saloon


Bull and Benny go out for drinks after checking out the cabin and they run into the local fire chief in episode 1x09 “Light My Fire”.

Brooklyn Borough Hall


Shelley Giordano gives a press conference outside the courthouse where Jules Caffrey is being tried in episode 1x19 “Bring It On”.

Barclays Center

Barclays Center

Lauren Wilson is performing at a game but loses concentration when she sees her fiancée Jules Caffrey isn't present in episode 1x19 “Bring It On”.

Congers Station Park


Bull walks through the park with Chief Simonds and convinces him to hand over the fire report. Later, Bull brings in some fancy dressed guys from out of town to sell their rumor about Joyce Magruder in episode 1x09 “Light My Fire”.

265 Harbour Drive

Cecilia Novak's House

Cecilia Novak is celebrating her son's birthday when the DEA raid the party and find drugs hidden under the porch in episode 1x23 “Benevolent Deception”.

Worth Street & Centre Street

Pickup Spot

Bull goes outside to find one of the self-driving cars waiting to drive him to Ginny Bretton's home in episode 1x10 “E.J.”.

80 Washington Place

Lauren Wilson goes home and is murdered as she is taking a bath. Later, Bull heads to the house to meet with Jules Caffrey after being roped into the case in episode 1x19 “Bring It On”.

Pier 97

Testing Track

An engineer is working on a self-driving car late at night when he is killed by the vehicle. During the trial Bull brings the jury to the course to give them a feel for riding in one in episode 1x10 “E.J.”.

Pierrepont Playground


Bull talks with Taylor Mathison as she watches her co-pilots wife with her kids and later Bull returns to convince Taylor to not take the settlement in episode 1x02 “The Woman in 8D”.

420 West 24th Street

Benny's Apartment Building

Bull drops Benny off at his place and asks what is going on with him in episode 1x17 “Name Game”.

623 Fifth Avenue

Clayton Communications

Bull goes for a meeting with Clayton Communications and their six law firms who want to hire him to help with their case in episode 2x01 “School for Scandal”.

Nassau Flyers (FRG)

Hyland Skydiving

The team goes to the skydiving school to retrace the steps that the Governor's team took in episode 1x16 “Free Fall”.

Main Hall (Snug Harbor)

Fort Mackman (front entrance)

Bull and Benny come out of the courtroom after voir dire and Benny is whisked off to a black site to look at the classified memo in episode 1x14 “It's Classified”.

Source: IMDb

Arthur Ashe Stadium

Titan Fall Tournament

Bull attends an E-Sports tournament with Chuck where they witness a major failure by a top player in episode 1x13 “The Fall”.

West 53rd Street & 11th Avenue


The E.J. vehicle Bull is riding in passes through an intersection on the way to Ginny Bretton's home in episode 1x10 “E.J.”.

957 Broadway

Hacker Hangout

Cable takes Bull with her to meet the guy she needs to decrypt the code while Bull poses as a famous but reclusive hacker to win the guys trust in episode 1x10 “E.J.”.

Yeah Shanghai Deluxe

Chinese Restaurant

Danny meets with a former CI from her days in narcotics to get the scoop on Alyssa Yang in episode 1x01 “The Necklace”.

KOA Restaurant

KOA Restaurant

Bull brings Benny out for drinks and reveals that their new client is his sister in episode 1x08 “Too Perfect”.

Columbus Park


Benny walks through the park with the ADA and turns down her offer of a plea bargain in episode 1x19 “Bring It On”.