Movies Filmed at Underpass Park

100-124 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M5A, Canada
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St. Lawrence Street (between Trolley & E… from Lost Girl
43 m

Eastern Avenue Overpass from Flashpoint
81 m

40 Lower River Street & 45 St. Lawrence … from Orphan Black
83 m

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Underpass Skatepark

Jace tracks Hodge down to an area under the freeway and manages to beat him in combat in episode 1x13 "Morning Star".

Orphan Black

Skate Park

Felix and Adele talk about their shared father while drinking in the park in episode 4x03 "The Stigmata of Progress".

Mary Kills People


Des teaches Joshua Yang to flirt and then stands by while he has a date with Kailey in episode 2x04 "Ride or Die".