Movies Filmed at Purman Building

263 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1Y2, Canada

Home of the Loft404 film and event space.

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Alley (south of Adelaide, west of Duncan… from Orphan Black and 1 other movie.
25 m

Pearl Street (between John & Duncan) from Orphan Black
56 m

14 Duncan Street from In the Mouth of Madness
70 m

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Don Cutler's Apartment

Maxine and Detective Cestero search Don Cutler's apartment but don't find their suspect there in episode 1x11 "Black Orchid".

Almost Adults

Mackenzie & Cassie's Apartment

Mackenzie and Cassie live together.

Levi's Apartment (exterior)

Mackenzie heads to Levi's apartment after her big fight with Cassie.

All For One

Dorothy & Connie's Dorm

Dorothy broadcasts to her internet friends from her new dorm room where she lives with her roommate Connie from episode #101 Best Foot Forward".