Almost Adults Filming Locations

Two codependent best friends find themselves drifting apart as they head into adulthood, one of them comes out, and the other breaks up with a longtime partner.

Almost Adults was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Purman Building

Mackenzie & Cassie's Apartment

Mackenzie and Cassie live together.

Levi's Apartment (exterior)

Mackenzie heads to Levi's apartment after her big fight with Cassie.

Queen's Park


Cassie and Mackenzie spend the day being silly in the park.

Goldring Student Centre (U of T)

University Student Centre (exterior)

Cassie and Mackenzie walk together before Cassie heads off a meeting with her professor.


Mackenzie and Cassie share a soda on their day about town.

Queens Park Crescent & Queens Park


Cassie stops Mackenzie from crossing against the light.

Northrop Frye Hall (U of T)

Mackenzie & Cassie's Bench

Mackenzie and Cassie spend time on a bench next to a statue of a reading figure (Northrop Frye). Later they each return to the bench on their own to wait for the other.

Birreria Volo

Mackenzie's Restaurant

Mackenzie takes her parents out to dinner and comes out to them.


Cassie goes out for drinks with Levi to talk about her job offer and snark about Mackenzie.

Domani Restaurant & Wine Bar

Cassie's Restaurant

Cassie goes out to dinner with her parents and tells them that she broke up with Matthew.

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Emmanuel College (U of T)

University Quad

Cassie and Mackenzie sit on a towel in the grass and discuss their problems.

Doll Factory by Damzels

Clothing Store

Cassie drags Mackenzie out shopping where they run into Matthew and his new girlfriend.

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E.J. Pratt Library (U of T)

University Bench

Elliot approaches Mackenzie while she is eating lunch on a bench and asks for her number for a bet.

32 Britain Street

Cassie's Job Interview

Cassie heads to interview for the job that her professor told her about. When she checks her phone after the interview she finds a whole bunch of messages from Mackenzie. Later she returns to find she has a job offer in New York City.

Cassie's Internship

Cassie learns about Mackenzie's orientation from an annoying coworker at her internship.

Victoria College (U of T)

University Steps

Levi is helping Mackenzie practice her gaydar when Cassie joins them.

Adelaide Street West & Duncan Street


Mackenzie walks down the street after her big fight with Cassie.

Parking Lot (at Richmond & George)

Parking Lot

Mackenzie and Cassie pull up next to one another with their new datemates after a year apart.