Conviction Filming Locations

Former First Daughter Hayes Morrison takes charge of the Conviction Integrity Unit which investigates potential wrongful convictions in New York.

Conviction was filmed in Toronto in Canada and New York in the United States of America.

The Chase


Hayes attends another one of her mother's fundraisers and learns that Wallace send her mother to spy on her in episode 1x02 “Bridge and Tunnel Vision”.


Sam meets his reporter friend Lisa Crozier to say he wont give her info on Hayes in episode 1x02 “Bridge and Tunnel Vision”.

Simcoe Place

Parking Garage

Maxine is heading back to the office from her car when she is approached by a CTU member in a ski mask who gives her valuable information about the case in episode 1x03 “Dropping Bombs”.

Oak Hall Lane

Dead End Alley

Maxine and Sam chase the murderer down an alley where Maxine tries to talk him down after he pulls a gun in episode 1x06 “#StayWoke”.

Market Lane Park

Matty Tan's Coffee Cart

Tess visits the coffee cart run by the man who she accidentally imprisoned in episode 1x06 “#StayWoke”.

157 King Street East

Fancy Building

Maxine and Sam are going to question the doorman who they suspect in the murder when their suspect runs away in episode 1x06 “#StayWoke”.

H Building (HCLC)

Bayside Campus

Hayes calls out Provost David Chambers about his dismissal of the rapes on campus in front of the press in episode 1x10 “Not Okay”.

141 Lake Shore Drive

Carter Home

Hayes interviews the mother of the murder victim and accused rapist at her home in episode 1x10 “Not Okay”.

276 King Street West

Marla Higgins' Apartment

Wallace calls Hayes to an active crime scene where the a woman was murdered using the same MO as a locked-up serial killer in episode 1x11 “Black Orchid”.