Movies Filmed at Mt. Vernon City Hall

1 Roosevelt Square N, Mt Vernon, NY 10550, USA

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Roosevelt Square North (between 5th & 6t… from Person of Interest
53 m

Roosevelt Square Professional Building from Person of Interest
106 m

2 Gramatan Avenue from Blindspot
127 m

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Person of Interest

Federal Museum Plaza

Reese searches the plaza outside the museum where the President is giving a speech and searches for the conspirators in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.

Adjacent Building

Shaw and Reese knock out some Secret Service agents while escaping the building and escape under cover as soldiers with the help of Joey Durban in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.

Staging Lot

The President's motorcade stops on its way to the benefit and leaves after the bomb goes off in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.


Callisto Courthouse

The team meets out front of the courthouse for the case in episode 1x04 “Callisto”.