Movies Filmed at Former Carewest Cross Bow

1011 Centre Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0A3, Canada

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Wynonna Earp

Parking Lot

Dolls informs his boss that he has captured a Revenant in episode 1x08 “Two-Faced Jack”.

Northern Memorial Hospital

Dolls questions Nicole about the attack while she is recovering the hospital in episode 1x08 “Two-Faced Jack”. Wynonna is visiting the real Mercedes when Waverly comes in with a very injured Nicole after the Widow attack in episode 2x10 “I See a Darkness”.


Wynonna and Nicole wander down into the morgue to investigate the body and run into the jumping morgue attendant in episode 1x07 “Walking After Midnight”. Wynonna visits the morgue and finds Nedley sitting vigil over Dolls' body in episode 3x03 “Colder Weather”.

Ghost River County Municipal Offices

Dolls calls Wynonna from outside the Sheriff's Department and makes an excuse as he is escorted away by Black Badge agents in episode 1x07 “Walking After Midnight”. Nedley, Dolls, and Doc arrange the search for Wynonna and Nedley tells Doc to get rid of the horse he tied up outside in episode 1x08 “Two-Faced Jack”. Nicole tries to talk to Waverly about the supernatural happenings in town while Waverly thinks they are talking about feelings in episode 1x09 “Bury Me with My Guns On”.