Wynonna Earp Filming Locations

Wynonna Earp returns to her home town on her 27th birthday and finds herself battling demons as the heir to her family's curse. Based on the comic books created by Beau Smith.

Wynonna Earp was filmed in Calgary, Didsbury, High River, & Okotoks in Canada.

The Honeymoon Cabin (CL Western Town & Backlot)

Earp Homestead

The gang returns home and chat outside before parting ways. Shortly thereafter, Wynonna goes to the edge of the homestead and sees Dolls briefly before he runs off in episode 2x01 “Steel Bars and Stone Walls”. Waverly and Wynonna burn a big pile of Willa's stuff in the front yard in episode 2x02 “Shed Your Skin”. Doc stops Wynonna on the porch and proposes capturing the demon to use to help Dolls in episode 2x03 “Gonna Getcha Good”.

Appears in 21 additional episodes.
She Ain't Right

Wynonna finds Waverly wandering around outside in her nightgown at the crack of dawn.

Let's Pretend We're Strangers

Goononna leaves with Doc while Waverly is tied up in the house.

Whiskey Lullaby

Wynonna talks to Waverly about her pregnancy while cleaning up the remains of Gooverly's sculpture.

Everybody Knows

Wynonna is leaving when she runs into Nicole who was sent by Waverly to babysit her for the day.

No Future in the Past

Waverly recalls falling through the ice when she was a child while contemplating her status as an Earp.

Gone as a Girl Can Get

In the alternate reality the Earp Homestead is overrun by Revenants led by Doc.

I Hope You Dance

The team regroups and the homestead and comes up with a plan.

Blood Red and Going Down

Wynonna arrives back at the homestead and sees some sexy fog emerging from the barn.

Colder Weather

Wynonna has herself a bit of target practice in mourning and then chats with Doc about death.

No Cure for Crazy

Wynonna returns home to stop her mother and runs inside the house.


Jolene intercepts the Revenant from the prison and then dissuades Doc from following the Earps to the greenhouse.

I Fall To Pieces

Doc gives Michelle a car and a fake ID and later returns to talk with Wynonna after she has left.

Waiting Forever for You

Wynonna comes outside to find Kate on the porch with more of her past with Doc.

Undo It

Wynonna comes outside in the vision and finds Bulshar waiting.

The Other Woman

Wynonna is walking back from the barn after talking to Charlie when she encounters a strange woman who calls herself Kevin.

Daddy Lessons

Wynonna sees a mysterious horse wandering past and later invites her new allies onto the land.

War Paint

Wynonna and her new and old allies prepare on the Homestead and then defend against Bulshar's assault.

On the Road Again

Wynonna takes an injured Nedley back to the Homestead.

Friends in Low Places

Waverly rushes back to the Homestead where she is met by gunfire from Nicole who wasn't expecting her return.

Look at Them Beans

Nicole, Rachel, and Waverly find Doc trapped in one of the new traps surrounding the Homestead.

Holy War: Part 1

Wynonna runs outside at the smell of smoke to find Nicole fleeing with Waverly's unconscious body.

The Woods (CL Western Town & Backlot)

Snowy Woods

Wynonna talks to that asshole Jonas and eventually shoots him to hell while Waverly and Nicole hang back. Elsewhere on the outskirts of town, the ghost marshals prepare to execute the three guys only for Dolls to find a solution in episode 2x07 “Everybody Knows”. Dolls tries to stop the Widows from reaching the church in episode 2x08 “No Future in the Past”. A burned body is investigated, Faux-Beth shoots her venom at Tucker, and Faux-Mercedes cast a ritual using Constance Clootie's skull in episode 2x09 “Forever Mine Nevermind”.

Appears in 10 additional episodes.
I See a Darkness

Dolls tracks down the Order only to find them burning the bodies he needs to help with the cure.

Colder Weather

Nicole and Waverly keep an eye on Wynonna while she is drinking and raging in the woods to protect her from an opportunistic Revenant.

No Cure for Crazy

Robin runs from a carnivorous tree straight into Waverly and Nicole who are investigating the site of the massacre Nicole survived as a child.


Doc tells Bulshar he won't stop fighting and puts on the demon's ring.

If We Make It Through December

Wynonna heads to where the boy disappeared and meets Charlie from the fire department.

Undo It

Bulshar brings Wynonna and Doc through the woods while under his spell and locks them in tree cages beneath the mysterious stairs.

Daddy Lessons

Wynonna finds Waverly sitting at the base of the stairs with no memory of how she got there.

War Paint

Bulshar uses Peacemaker to reveal the door to the Garden but still needs some Earp blood to allow him to pass through.

On the Road Again

Wynonna returns to the stairs with Nedley to head into the Garden but the door has disappeared.

Friends in Low Places

Waverly and Wynonna wake up separately and race to the people they love.

The Well

Robert Svane goes to the well to try and get the ring with the seal from Doc Holliday who is trapped at the bottom in episode 2x08 “No Future in the Past”. Doc wakes up in the alternate reality and finds himself at the bottom of a familiar well in episode 2x11 “Gone as a Girl Can Get”. Dolls finds Doc standing on the rim of the well after realizing his mortality and later Doc leaves Bobo trapped at the bottom in episode 2x12 “I Hope You Dance”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.

Doc goes to the well to get some leverage on Bulshar and Bobo asks to see Waverly in return.

If We Make It Through December

Waverly visits Bobo to find out about her father and later Michelle pays him a visit.

Waiting Forever for You

Doc drags Constance Clootie out to the well to dump her in with Charlie's help but she manages to steal his car.

Friends in Low Places

Doc wakes up next to the well with Waverly's bag.

Pine Barrens

Wynonna and Dolls go out to a sketchy forest to search for signs of Lou but come under the control of some strange power in episode 1x10 “She Wouldn't Be Gone”. Wynonna tracks Waverly and the Revenant through the woods while talking with her vision of her mother in episode 3x02 “When You Call My Name”. Wynonna runs from the creature through the forest but finds herself trapped by a circle of stones in episode 4x04 “Afraid”.

Ghost River Gate

Waverly and Doc are searching near the gate for any goo residue when Juan Carlo approaches to warn them about the Order in episode 2x05 “Let's Pretend We're Strangers”.

The Farm House (CL Western Town & Backlot)

Gardner Mansion

Tucker tries to get Mercedes to support his crusade against Nicole but she shuts him down in episode 2x03 “Gonna Getcha Good”. Tucker tries to talk with Mercedes but eventually learns that his sisters have been replaced in episode 2x04 “She Ain't Right”. The two Women in Black look for some way to locate the second seal in episode 2x06 “Whiskey Lullaby”.

Appears in 11 additional episodes.
Everybody Knows

Wynonna and Dolls go to talk to Mercedes and Beth about their brother and later Dolls stakes the place out with Jeremy.

Forever Mine Nevermind

Dolls goes to the mansion to search for the Widows and finds a faceless Mercedes in the basement.

Blood Red and Going Down

The vampires throw a party with the townsfolk they have glamoured and they separate out the original Purgatory families as a sacrifice to Bulshar.

Colder Weather

Doc and Waverly go to the abandoned mansion to recover the letter from Katalin and she does a tarot reading of Waverly.

If We Make It Through December

Wynonna and Doc visit Kate to find out why Bulshar was after the first families.

I Fall To Pieces

Doc wakes up after three days with Kate and finds he can no longer stand the touch of Bulshar's ring.

Waiting Forever for You

Doc comes home to find Kate waiting with someone for him to bite and later Wynonna visits to have a 'talk' with her.

Undo It

Nicole and Waverly investigate a disturbance and discover Mercedes Gardner has returned to town.

The Other Woman

Wynonna and Waverly make their way to Mercedes' home where Waverly tries to harness the power of her ring to defeat One Armed Clint.

Daddy Lessons

Nicole treats Kate for her gunshot wound while Kate checks her Tarot deck for anything other than death.

War Paint

Nicole is finishing up with Kate's wound when Mercedes arrives home followed by a swarm of zombie beekeepers.

Clockmaker's Mansion (entrance)

Wynonna kicks down the front door and goes inside with Dolls and Nicole in episode 2x06 “Whiskey Lullaby”.

Former Carewest Cross Bow

Ghost River County Municipal Offices

Dolls calls Wynonna from outside the Sheriff's Department and makes an excuse as he is escorted away by Black Badge agents in episode 1x07 “Walking After Midnight”. Nedley, Dolls, and Doc arrange the search for Wynonna and Nedley tells Doc to get rid of the horse he tied up outside in episode 1x08 “Two-Faced Jack”. Nicole tries to talk to Waverly about the supernatural happenings in town while Waverly thinks they are talking about feelings in episode 1x09 “Bury Me with My Guns On”.

Northern Memorial Hospital

Dolls questions Nicole about the attack while she is recovering the hospital in episode 1x08 “Two-Faced Jack”. Wynonna is visiting the real Mercedes when Waverly comes in with a very injured Nicole after the Widow attack in episode 2x10 “I See a Darkness”.


Wynonna and Nicole wander down into the morgue to investigate the body and run into the jumping morgue attendant in episode 1x07 “Walking After Midnight”. Wynonna visits the morgue and finds Nedley sitting vigil over Dolls' body in episode 3x03 “Colder Weather”.

Parking Lot

Dolls informs his boss that he has captured a Revenant in episode 1x08 “Two-Faced Jack”.

Ulla La Boutique

Shorty's Saloon

Wynonna heads to the bar to drink and later walks out with Waverly while talking about their past in episode 1x01 “Purgatory”. Wynonna confronts Doc about shooting at Waverly in episode 1x04 “The Blade”. The judge receives a suitcase of money for the Poker Spectacular from Mr. Stokes in episode 1x11 “Landslide”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
House of Memories

Wynonna and Dolls see Judge Cryderman about to kill himself.

I Walk the Line

Dolls and Doc attack the gathered Revenants to get the cure.

I Hope You Dance

Wynonna and Dolls leave Shorty's after defeating the Revenants and see the helicopter fly overhead.

War Paint

Wynonna walks through the deserted town and into the bar.

Look at Them Beans

Chrissy has her mob pull Wynonna from the bar to be executed.

20 Street (between 18 & 19)

Main Street

Waverly and Wynonna talk after being reunited in episode 1x01 “Purgatory”. Willa and Bobo reconnect and walk down the street in episode 1x12 “House of Memories”. Waverly runs from the townspeople pursuing her and is captured by Chrissy Nedley in episode 1x13 “I Walk the Line”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
Gone as a Girl Can Get

Nicole helps Waverly clean up in her squad car after Doc is killed.

I Hope You Dance

Faux-Mercedes stops Waverly and Wynonna in the street where she is holding their friends hostage and demands Wynonna's help.

Daddy Lessons

While Nicole is supervising the town's evacuation with a newly deputized Robin, Wynonna shows up looking for Waverly.

Friends in Low Places

Wynonna and Doc reunite but find the town has changed in their absence.

Look at Them Beans

Chrissy's attempt to kill Wynonna for her father's death is interrupted by Sheriff Clayborn who demands a show trial.

The Roadside Cafe (CL Western Town & Backlot)

Cal's Service Station

A young woman with a strange mark on her face walks up to a remote service station staffed by a Revenant looking for help and is attacked by wolves in episode 1x10 “She Wouldn't Be Gone”. A mysterious figure with a star tattoo arrives in town on the bus in episode 3x03 “Colder Weather”.

Mama Olive's Diner

Wynonna gives Waverly a hard time about sexting with Champ and then they chat with Hetty in episode 1x06 “Constant Cravings”. A group of Revenants inject themselves with the defective batch of Dolls' drugs and begin to rampage in episode 3x03 “Colder Weather”.

Purgatory's Best Restaurant

Wynonna goes on a dinner date with Charlie which is interrupted by Jeremy with news on the attack on Robin in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”. Billy gives Rachel a nice jacket and tries to kiss her when they are trading scrap in episode 4x04 “Afraid”.

Remote Road

Charlie and Doc are jogging back to town when Doc begins to lose control and Charlie has to knock him out in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”.

CL Western Town & Backlot

Old Church

The Widow-Beth approaches the burned out remains of the barn with the third seal in episode 2x10 “I See a Darkness”. Widow-Beth tries desperately to break the third seal but realizes she needs help in episode 2x11 “Gone as a Girl Can Get”. Waverly tries to stop the Widows and Bobo and is soon joined by Wynonna in episode 2x12 “I Hope You Dance”.

Christmas Tree Lot

While Nedley is acting as Santa for the municipal fundraiser, a young boy is kidnapped by Bulshar in episode 3x06 “If We Make It Through December”.


Nicole has a nightmare of her wedding to Waverly turning terrible in episode 4x05 “Holy War: Part 1”.

Bobo Rises

Bobo climbs out of the snowy ground in episode 2x08 “No Future in the Past”.

The Town (CL Western Town & Backlot)


Wynonna finds herself transported to the past where she sees Doc Holliday and Robert Svane in episode 2x08 “No Future in the Past”. Kate recounts her first meeting with Doc after getting into a conflict with a man whose car she refused to perform a reading for in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”.

Clockmaker's Mansion (lounge)

The Woman in Black force the clockmaker Hypnos to use his powers on the town. Filmed inside the saloon set. in episode 2x06 “Whiskey Lullaby”.

Antique Shop

Doc goes to an antique shop to grab a drink and ends up getting a creepy painting in episode 2x09 “Forever Mine Nevermind”.

Purgatory Street

Kate confronts Constance Clootie about Doc's disappearance and learns that she hid him away after giving him immortality in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”.

The Hillside Farm (CL Western Town & Backlot)

Nicole's Home (interior)

Nicole opens the door of her place expecting Waverly but gets Widow-Mercedes instead in episode 2x09 “Forever Mine Nevermind”. The Widow-Mercedes attacks Nicole looking for the seal but Waverly shows up in the nick of time in episode 2x10 “I See a Darkness”. Nicole meets with Bunny Loblaw to make her case for sheriff when things start to go wrong in episode 3x07 “I Fall To Pieces”.


Something falls from the sky and out emerges the Mountain Man in episode 3x07 “I Fall To Pieces”.

Tatenhill Farms

Wynonna and Dolls head up to the farm that is connected with the Revenant in the photo of the seven and find a cannibalistic Revenant waiting for them in episode 1x06 “Constant Cravings”.

Junkyard on 128 Street West

Trailer Park

Doc gets approached by the Revenant John who doesn't appreciate his presence at the park or trust his loyalties in episode 1x01 “Purgatory”. Doc gets a hard time from the other residents of the sketchy trailer park where he is staying and gets a talking to from Bobo in episode 1x02 “Keep the Home Fires Burning”. Bobo asks Doc to do something for him and Doc spies Waverly spying on their meeting and shoots at her in episode 1x03 “Leavin' on Your Mind”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
The Blade

Dolls and Wynonna go to the trailer park to question Bobo and are met with a bunch of heavily armed "people".

Diggin' Up Bones

Wynonna goes all Wynonna in the trailer park during a search for an illegal weapons shipment with Dolls and Waverly photographs them from the top of a nearby bus.

The Weigh Station (CL Western Town & Backlot)

Perley Homestead

Nicole and Waverly to to Gretta Perley's house to ask her about the spell cast over the town and she gives them a glimpse of reality in episode 2x11 “Gone as a Girl Can Get”. Wynonna and Waverly confront Gretta and get her to craft a weapon from the plate in episode 2x12 “I Hope You Dance”. While Doc and Nicole are searching the abandoned house for the diary, Nicole is possessed by the Maeve Perley who demands a body in episode 3x10 “The Other Woman”.

Revenant's Cabin

Waverly wakes up tied to the ceiling of a cabin by a Revenant who plans on eating her in episode 3x02 “When You Call My Name”.

Lot off 18 Avenue & 20 Street

Lot near Shorty's

Wynonna confronts Dolls after Gus is attacked and Waverly is kidnapped in episode 1x01 “Purgatory”. Dolls shows Wynonna the burned out remains of Doc's car in episode 1x12 “House of Memories”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Gone as a Girl Can Get

Jeremy finds Rosita at the the meeting spot and tells her about Dolls's death and about the altered reality.

Daddy Lessons

Charlie walks with Waverly over to his truck to get her out of town to safety.

The Church (CL Western Town & Backlot)

Old Church

Juan Carlos takes Wynonna to an abandoned church on the outskirts of town so she can go on a journey into the past in episode 2x08 “No Future in the Past”. Doc takes Michelle to Ward & Willa's graves and then she asks him to take her one more place in episode 3x07 “I Fall To Pieces”. Juan Carlos gives the diary to Maeve Perley and asks her to hide it when Bobo brings word of Wyatt Earp's arrival in episode 3x10 “The Other Woman”.

Jumping Pound Road (at 250129)

Purgatory Town Sign

Jeremy finds Dolls dying by the side of the road near the edge of town in episode 2x11 “Gone as a Girl Can Get”. Dolls is heading out of town to get Wynonna's doctor when he is stopped by the Order who want the baby for themselves. Later, Nicole watches as Waverly cross the boundary with the baby to see if they are part revenant in episode 2x12 “I Hope You Dance”. Nedley is sitting at the edge of town watching for speeders when a bus full of vampires arrives in episode 3x01 “Blood Red and Going Down”.

Okotoks Erratic

Steve Gulch

Wynonna and Doc head to the Gulch searching for the woman in the painting and find a familiar face in episode 4x05 “Holy War: Part 1”. Rosita tells Wynonna and Doc about how she wound up trapped on a rock and they come to an agreement in episode 4x06 “Holy War: Part 2”.

Woods on Bow River (Albertina Farms)

Ghost River Gate

Wynonna and Doc track down Levi's boyfriend and she gives them a moment to make their peace before using Peacemaker in episode 1x05 “Diggin' Up Bones”. Bobo and Willa attempt to cross the boundary only to fail because they don't have Peacemaker. Wynonna and Doc chase them back to the boundary later and Wynonna faces off against her sister in episode 1x13 “I Walk the Line”.

Knox United Church

Sanctuary of the Scorned Women

Wynonna is transported to a sanctuary run by nuns where she is told about their mission and shown to a room where Peacemaker refuses to be found in episode 4x05 “Holy War: Part 1”. Wynonna brings Rosita to the Sanctuary but things take a turn when the nun in charge tries to force them to battle to the death in episode 4x06 “Holy War: Part 2”.

Mainstreet Unique

Parking Lot

Wynonna and Dolls are sitting in the truck after returning from the trailer park when Wynonna sees the killer in a mirror in episode 1x04 “The Blade”. Levi pops up in Wynonna's back seat and holds a knife to her throat in episode 1x05 “Diggin' Up Bones”.

Town & Country Inn

Pussy Willows

Nicole accompanies Wynonna to a strip club so Wynonna can investigate a potential baby daddy in episode 2x07 “Everybody Knows”. Wynonna makes a scene to draw out a group of Revenants with Nicole and Waverly and later they return to investigate a ritualistic massacre in episode 3x01 “Blood Red and Going Down”.

220 30 Avenue Northeast

Skip's House

Wynonna goes to talk to Skip and finds him lying on his porch with a strange mark in blood on his front door. Later, Waverly is leaving after talking with his wife Cheryl when she runs into Tucker Gardner and goes all Gooverly on his homophobic ass in episode 2x03 “Gonna Getcha Good”.

cSPACE King Edward

Trinity School Condos

A construction worker is attacked by spiders at Mercedes Gardner's construction site and Wynonna comes by to investigate the attack and finds all sorts of weird things going on inside in episode 2x02 “Shed Your Skin”.