“I See a Darkness” Filming Locations

Team Earp is reeling from an attack by the Widows as they desperately search for a way to save Nicole.

Series: Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 10
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Wynonna Earp episode "I See a Darkness" was filmed in Calgary in Canada.
Show Map

The Hillside Farm (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Nicole's Home (interior)

The Widow-Mercedes attacks Nicole looking for the seal but Waverly shows up in the nick of time.


Carewest Cross Bow as Northern Memorial Hospital

Wynonna is visiting the real Mercedes when Waverly comes in with a very injured Nicole after the Widow attack.


The Woods (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Snowy Woods

Dolls tracks down the Order only to find them burning the bodies he needs to help with the cure.


CL Western Town & Backlot as Old Church

The Widow-Beth approaches the burned out remains of the barn with the third seal.