Alias Filming Locations

Sydney Bristow works for the CIA, or so she thought.

Alias was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

The Walt Disney Studios

University Campus

Sydney leaves the blood drive truck after talking with Vaughn and heads off to class in episode 1x02 “So It Begins”. Francie tells Sydney about her party idea and Sydney needles her about inviting Charlie's nephew just to get a chance to see him in episode 1x05 “Doppelgänger”. Francie meets with Charlie thinking he is going to break up with her but he tells her he wants to be a signer in episode 1x06 “Reckoning”.

Oxford University Road

Marcus pulls up outside the university while Sydney prepares for the event in episode 1x08 “Time Will Tell”.


Vaughn gives Sydney info on the upcoming mission and tells her to complete it as normal in episode 1x09 “Mea Culpa”.

Bronson Canyon (Griffith Park)

Mt. Aconcagua

Marcus and Sydney hike to the coordinates they found in the clock to where Rambaldi hid something in episode 1x08 “Time Will Tell”. Sydney finds Marcus seriously injured after escaping the cave and uses her CIA-supplied radio to call for help in episode 1x09 “Mea Culpa”.

Source: IMDb

Rambaldi Cavern

Sydney locates Rambaldi's journel buried in a cafe under the mountain only to have Anna Espinosa find her in episode 1x08 “Time Will Tell”.

The Majestic Halls

Omnicorp Incorporated Bank

Sydney and Anthony Russek infiltrate a bank in Geneva to recover the account numbers stored in a safe deposit box in episode 1x09 “Mea Culpa”.


A group of bank robbers break into the bank as a cover for a money transer in episode 1x09 “Mea Culpa”.

Former Ambassador Hotel

Havanna Hotel

Jack is kidnapped from his hotel in Cuba during his mission to eliminate Ineni Hassan in episode 1x10 “Spirit”. Jack gets a message to Sydney by blinking morse code and they help each other escape with Ineni Hassan in episode 1x11 “The Confession”.

Source: IMDb

Angeles Abbey Memorial Park

Moroccan Airport

Marcus and Sydney locate an old colleague Mokhtar who is their local liaison in episode 1x04 “A Broken Heart”.

Source: IMDb

Moroccan Market

Marcus and Mokhtar watch from overhead while Sydney blends in with the crowd to listen in on Luc Jacqnoud's meeting in episode 1x04 “A Broken Heart”.

Legends Plaza (Disney Studios)

São Paulo Party

Marcus and Sydney attend a party to keep an eye on Dhiren Patel but his drink was drugged before they arrived in episode 1x04 “A Broken Heart”.

Aerospace Company

Sydney goes to her father's cover job in an attempt to ask him some questions in episode 1x03 “Parity”.

ABC Building

Appears in “The Coup”.

Source: IMDb

Hensel Corporation

Sydney heads inside the office to recover Jeroen Schiller and steal the research in episode 1x05 “Doppelgänger”.

Castle Green Apartments

Giovanni Donato's Apartment

Sydney brings the clock to an ancestor of the original clockmaker in Positano for repair but finds herself ambushed by Anna Espinosa and her team in episode 1x08 “Time Will Tell”.

Source: IMDb

Metro 417 Apartments

Newspaper Office

Sydney arranges a meeting with Will on the roof to ask for some help with money and a passport in episode 1x01 “Truth Be Told”.

Dickson Court (UCLA)

University Quad

Sydney is chatting outside with Danny after her test when he gets down on one knee and proposes to her in episode 1x01 “Truth Be Told”.

Bluff Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Jack takes Sydney to a remote lot and tells her the truth about SD-6 before offering her a way to disappear in episode 1x01 “Truth Be Told”.

Wilson Plaza (UCLA)

University Green

Sydney tells Danny about how the agency first contacted her as a freshman in episode 1x01 “Truth Be Told”.

Century World News

Century World News

Sydney meets her new handler at the newstand to get her counter-mission but demands that Vaughn be reassigned as her handler in episode 1x03 “Parity”.