Movies Filmed at Woods near Aquarium

Part of Stanley Park
Rose Garden Ln, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2, Canada
Nearby Locations
Stanley Park Pavilion from Legends of Tomorrow and 1 other movie.
94 m

Vancouver Aquarium from The Flash and 12 other movies.
154 m

Malkin Bowl from The Flash
201 m

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The Magicians


The Beast teleports Julia to a nearby park while Marina is casting the spell and then Penny teleports her back to the same park after they attack the Beast in episode 2x03 "Divine Elimination".


Underworld Penny shows Quentin his friends mourning him around a campfire in episode 4x13 "No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry".

Legends of Tomorrow

South Dakota [69,997,983 BCE]

Rory rescues Ray from a dinosaur in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

Salem [1693]

Sara is saved by the team before being hanged as a witch in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".