Movies Filmed at Vancouver Aquarium

Part of Stanley Park
Vancouver Aquarium St, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2, Canada

The Vancouver Aquarium located in Stanley Park opened in 1956 and was the first aquarium in Canada. This aquarium was the first one in the world to display an orca (though they banned orca capture in ‘96 and haven’t had one in residence since ‘01).

Nearby Locations
Former Vancouver Zoo from The 100 and 4 other movies.
134 m

Woods near Aquarium from The Magicians and 1 other movie.
148 m

Stanley Park Pavilion from Legends of Tomorrow
213 m

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Santa Barbara Aquarium

Aquarium in episode #310 "Six Feet Under the Sea".

Santa Barbara Zoo (Parking Lot)

Parking lot where the team meets before going to see the polar bear crime scene in episode #515 "Dead Bear Walking".

Source: Psych Forums

The Flash

A.R.G.U.S. Aquarium

King Shark escapes confinement at an A.R.G.U.S. facility in episode 2x15 "King Shark".

Nautilus Laboratories

Cisco and Caitlin meet Dr. Tanya Lamden about her research in episode 2x15 "King Shark".


Starling City Aquarium

A man on Vertigo goes mad at the aquarium and takes hostages in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

The X-Files

From episode 1x17 "E.B.E.".

Good Luck Chuck

Aqua World Aquarium



Ezra, Richard, and Jules wait to meet Maddie at the aquarium to discuss the new plan in episode 1x08 "In the Game".