Movies Filmed at Vancouver Drydock

3 St Andrews Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7L 4M8, Canada
Nearby Locations
Warehouse near Victory Shipyards from Romeo Must Die
183 m

Burrard Dry Dock from Dark Angel
216 m

Rusty Gull from Psych
329 m

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Luthor Corp Naval Solutions

Jeremiah returns to the Cadmus facility after stealing the list from the DEO in episode 2x14 “Homecoming”. Cadmus is loading the kidnapped aliens onto their spaceship to send deep into space when Alex shows up to infiltrate the facility in episode 2x15 “Exodus”.

Van Helsing

Ferry Wreckage

Vanessa and Axel head to the wreckage of a ferry to recover parts for the generator in episode 1x03 “Stay Inside”.