Van Helsing Filming Locations

Part of the Set in Seattle (filmed in Vancouver) Collection

Van Helsing was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Canada Post Main Office

Seattle Valley General Hospital (exterior, lab)

Axel holds out in the hospital defending the Doc and the unconscious Vanessa in episode 1x01 "Help Me".

Julius's Lair

Vanessa is captured by Julius and forced to fight her old friend Susan before escaping in episode 1x05 "Fear Her".

Mohamed's Rooftop

Mohamed shoots off flares to warn the group back at the hospital and then watches them flee in an ambulance in episode 1x07 "For Me".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Seattle Valley General Hospital (hallway)

The vampire who bit Vanessa crawls out of the body disposal chute in episode 1x01 "Help Me".

Military Base (exterior)

Axel goes searching around the military base in episode 1x08 "Little Thing".


Uncle Abe's


Vanessa and her daughter eat lunch after Vanessa donates blood in episode 1x02 "Seen You".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Tunnel Exit

Vanessa and Axel climb out of the tunnel after leaving the hospital in episode 1x03 "Stay Inside".

Resistance Hideout

The resistance discusses plans for the future in episode 1x04 "Coming Back". Sheema brings the plans for the tunnels to the resistance in episode 1x05 "Fear Her". Sheema is interrogated after the failed mission in episode 1x06 "Nothing Matters".

From episode #105 "Fear Her".

Tunnel under Julius's Lair

Vanessa and Susan flee Julius through the tunnels under his lair in episode 1x05 "Fear Her". They continue escaping through the tunnels in episode 1x06 "Nothing Matters".

Resistance Ambushed

The resistance is ambushed while attempting to sneak into the vampire lair in episode 1x06 "Nothing Matters".


Vancouver Drydock

Ferry Wreckage

Vanessa and Axel head to the wreckage of a ferry to recover parts for the generator in episode 1x03 "Stay Inside".

West Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Infected Street

Sheema sneaks into a vampire hideout in episode 1x04 "Coming Back".

Del Mar Inn

Vanessa's Apartment Building

Vanessa takes Mohamad to her old apartment to search for clues about her daughter in episode 1x04 "Coming Back".

Alley (under Burrard Bridge)

Finding Survivors

Vanessa and Muhammed come upon a group of survivors under attack by some ferals in episode 1x04 "Coming Back".


Traboulay PoCo Trail Bridge


Mohamed sees Catherine being attacked by a group of vampires before they are driven off by Julius's death squad in episode 1x07 "For Me".

North 40 Dog Park

Roads near Military Base

Axel leads the gang to his old military base and they are forced to leave the ambulance behind when they find the road blocked in episode 1x08 "Little Thing".

Iron Mountain Store

Gas Station

The gang stops to refuel the ambulance and hear church bells in the distance in episode 1x08 "Little Thing".


Industrial Therapy Building (Riverview Hospital)

The Farm

The gang heads down into a well equipped military bunker in episode 1x08 "Little Thing".


6742 224 Street


The group is taken to a commune in the woods run by a man named Micah in episode 1x10 "Stay Away".