“Dickless in Seattle” Filming Locations

Four months after Emma's departure for Seattle, Izzy looks for a way to get Jack and Emma to talk to one another again while they settle into their new downtown loft.

You Me Her episode “Dickless in Seattle” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Westminster Pier Park as Waterfront

Nina tries to get Izzy to focus on their upcoming theses but Izzy can only think about how to get Emma and Jack to talk to one another.

Fort Langley Park as Playground

Jack and Dave stand under cover in the park to get out of the rain and Jack goes baby crazy when he sees a woman with her two kids.

9010 Nash Street as Matherfield House (interior)

Carmen goes over to her new neighbor Hannah's house to work on the magazine and Hannah pushes her into looking at childcare options.

Sterling as Kylie's Condo

Emma has a celebratory toast with her new girlfriend Kylie who she once dated back in college.