Movies Filmed at Steiner Studios

15 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA

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Building 1 from Blindspot
239 m

Brooklyn Navy Yard from Blindspot and 1 other movie.
286 m

Building 120 from Blindspot
314 m

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Steiner Studios

Weller joins a film production as their new FBI consultant to get close to the star of the film, Keith Rhodes in episode 3x06 “Adoring Suspect”.

Parking Lot

Appears in “Persecute Envoys”.

Parking Lot

Appears in “Older Cutthroat Canyon”.

FBI Building (loading dock)

Patterson hops in the truck with Zapata and takes off the old man mask in episode 3x08 “City Folks Under Wraps”.


Derek calls John Saya to report on the teams involvement in episode 3x10 “Balance of Might”.

Safe House

Remi calls Weller and warns him not to get in her way in episode 4x07 “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth”.