“Adoring Suspect” Filming Locations

Kurt goes undercover as himself on a film set to solve the latest tattoo case while Roman causes trouble in Barcelona.

Blindspot episode “Adoring Suspect” was filmed in Barcelona in Spain and New York in the United States of America.

Steiner Studios as Steiner Studios

Weller joins a film production as their new FBI consultant to get close to the star of the film, Keith Rhodes.

Moll de les Drassanes as Barcelona Waterfront

Roman calls Weller and instructs him to investigate a specific tattoo.

New York Times Building as The Booky Bentley Company

Jane accompanies Rich Dotcom to the production company to so he can pitch a movie as cover for their theft.

Hotel Ohla Barcelona as Crawford Penthouse

Blake invites Roman over after the attack and she tells him a true story about her father.

Building 313 (Brooklyn Navy Yard) as Building 28 Prop House

Weller and Jane track the terrorists to the props warehouse where they are loading the serin gas into trucks.