Movies Filmed at Selkirk Tavern

383 Eveline St, Selkirk, MB R1A 1N4, Canada
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The Mighty Kiwi Juice Bar & Eatery from Burden of Truth
31 m

Riverside Grill from Burden of Truth
57 m

Eveline Street (between Manitoba & Super… from Burden of Truth
66 m

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Burden of Truth

The Boot Tavern (exterior)

Alan and Joanna walk out of the bar and discuss what Alan is going to do now that he is out of a job in episode 1x09 “Home to Roost”. Taylor talks to Joanna outside the party and expresses her anger at her father in episode 1x10 “Cause In Fact”. Owen drops Billy and Shane off downtown where they see the two bros that are Shane's investors in episode 2x02 “The Rabbit Hole”.