“Cause In Fact” Filming Locations

Everything comes to a head as the case goes before a judge.

Series: Burden of Truth Season 1, Episode 10
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Burden of Truth episode "Cause In Fact" was filmed in Winnipeg & Selkirk in Canada.
Show Map

233 Manitoba Avenue as Crawford & Associates

David visits with a settlement offer while Joanna and Billy are sitting in the dark after their power is cut off.


213 Dorchester Avenue as Ross House

Molly and Luna clean Molly's car in preparation of selling it if they lose the judgement.


Summerscales House as Matheson House

Ben asks Taylor into convincing the girls to take the settlement and she asks him to apologize to them first.


Riverside Grill as Riverside Grill

Luna confronts David about her parentage but he denies everything.


224 Maple Drive as Spence House

Luna cries on her mother's lap after confronting David.


The Bronze Boot Tavern as The Boot Tavern

Billy and Joanna prep Nate Dawson for his testimony and later everyone parties after the settlement.


Selkirk Tavern as The Boot Tavern (exterior)

Taylor talks to Joanna outside the party and expresses her anger at her father.


The Marine Museum of Manitoba as Waterfront

Joanna meets Dianne to say goodbye before she heads off to her new job in Winnipeg.


Rennie's Full Stop Convenience as Rennie's Full Stop Convenience

Molly and Luna decide which direction to head on their cross-country road trip.


Selkirk Waterfront as Waterfront

Joanna ignores a call from her father.


Eveline Street (between Manitoba & Superior) as Bus Stop

Taylor gets on a bus with the bag of money she stole from her father.


Manitoba Hydro Place as Steadman Lavery

Joanna heads in for her first day as partner at her new firm using her mother's maiden name.