“The Rabbit Hole” Filming Locations

Joanna contacts a private security firm after the threats against her life and tries to deal with an increasingly unruly client while Billy considers going into business with his brother and Gerrilyn decides to sew David Hanley.

Burden of Truth episode “The Rabbit Hole” was filmed in Winnipeg, Selkirk, & Sanford in Canada.

448 Hargrave Street as Joanna's Apartment

Joanna thinks about the threats while preparing in the morning.

Impark Garage #104 (at 201 Portage) as Parking Garage

Joanna walks to her car in the morning but decides against driving it to work and later she meets with a woman from the security firm who gives her advice for staying safe.

Winnipeg City Hall as Winnipeg Police Service

Joanna gives a report on the hacking of her car to a detective but realizes she cannot give any details due to attorney-client privilege.

Rancho Relaxo as Billy's Home

Shane tells Billy about his plan to open a microbrewery in town and Billy gets a call from Joanna.

Republic Architecture Inc. as Steadman Lavery

Joanna tells her boss about the threats against her life and then digs in on some documents delivered for the case.

MJ Roofing as Luna & Molly's Apartment

Taylor helps fix the television while chatting about her dad and Luna tries to convince Molly to look into college.

The Bronze Boot Tavern as The Boot Tavern

Gerrilyn tells Owen about her plan to take civil action against David Hanley.

880 Wellington Crescent as Jared Lapinski's Home

Joanna visits the home of the Novatech developer and learns that he killed himself several days earlier.

224 Maple Drive as Spence House

Gerrilyn walks a realtor through her home to see how much she can get for it to fund her lawsuit.

Selkirk Tavern as The Boot Tavern (exterior)

Owen drops Billy and Shane off downtown where they see the two bros that are Shane's investors.

Manitoba Courts as Winnipeg Courthouse

Noah livestreams his contempt of court proceedings and fights the officer when he tries to take the phone away.