Movies Filmed at Building 156

Unnamed Road, Burbank, CA 91505, USA

Part of Warner Bros. Burbank Studios

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Lot A from Supergirl and 1 other movie.
111 m

Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls and 1 other movie.
178 m

Embassy Court from Chuck
298 m

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Wheeler Law & Associates

Appears in “Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards” & “Quintessential Deckerstar”.

Coffee Shop

Charlotte meets Trixie who is at the coffee shop with Dan and they hit it off in episode 3x10 “The Sin Bin”. Amenadiel sees Charlotte when he is getting coffee and only later realizes that she is no longer his mother in episode 3x18 “The Last Heartbreak”.

Saint Angeline Memorial Hospital (exterior)

Lucifer and Marcus search around outside after realizing Abel has escaped in another body and decide to track him on their own in episode 3x16 “Infernal Guinea Pig”.