Movies Filmed at 2331 Westhill Drive

2331 Westhill Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7S 2Z2, Canada
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High View Lookout (Cypress Mountain) from Godzilla
1.2 km

2628 Queens Avenue from Imposters
1.6 km

Hollyburn Country Club from Psych and 1 other movie.
1.6 km

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Blaine's Mansion

Blaine prepares for the day, sends the two ladies who shared his bed away, and goes for a swim in episode 5x01 "Thug Death". Blaine stages a soiree for Al Bronson's benefit when she comes over to interview him for the article in episode 5x04 "Dot Zom". Al finishes her interview with Blaine and finds her car blocked by the partiers next door. The next morning, Liv and Ravi arrive to question Blaine about the murder in episode 5x05 "Death Moves Pretty Fast".

Another Life


From episode 1x01 "Across the Universe".