“Thug Death” Filming Locations

Liv goes hungry when a woman murdered by two zombies disrupts the city's brain supply.

Series: iZombie Season 5, Episode 1
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iZombie episode "Thug Death" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1010 George Street as Stuff 'n Skate Convenience Store

A woman is shopping from an anti-zombie cashier when a pair of zombies are seen outside attacking a human.


2331 Westhill Drive as Blaine's Mansion

Blaine prepares for the day, sends the two ladies who shared his bed away, and goes for a swim.

E-One Moli Energy as CDC

Dr. Collier joins the CDC team investigating the zombie virus and is assigned as liaison to Ravi.


Lynmouth Park as Sacramento Park

Baron meets Oliver to take him to Seattle but Oliver refuses to leave without his two foster sisters.


Fazio Foods International as Oh My God! Food Truck

A man visits Dolly Durkins's food truck and gives her a secret code order.


Parker Street & Vernon Drive as Street Corner near Food Truck

Dolly Durkins briefs the man on his mission in the back of a van rigged with a bomb.


Columbia Street as Salmon & Sikma Checkpoint

Major is working at a checkpoint when team is drawn away shortly before the suicide bomber kills the remaining agents.

Bridgman Park as Hardy Park

Liv and Clive search the park for the victim's body at night but only find her boyfriend kneeling over her discarded phone and jacket.