“Dot Zom” Filming Locations

Liv eats the brains of a tech "visionary" after he is killed in his secret bunker while Peyton and Blaine both deal with PR issues.

Series: iZombie Season 5, Episode 4
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iZombie episode "Dot Zom" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Bureau Central du CSF as PierceyCorp

Liv, Clive, and Ravi talk to the victim's assistant Nora Shaw while she escorts them to the secret bunker under the offices where he was killed.


Metro Theatre Centre as Theater

Peyton has some trouble with Jimmy's writing on the zombie comedy show and finds him unreceptive to notes.

North Shore Studios as Around Town

Several photos of Graham Moss at zombie hotspots appear on a zombie doxxing website.

Alley (south of Powell, west of Dunlevy) as Alley outside The Scratching Post

Someone from the zombie doxxing website takes photos of Blaine's clientele entering the club and later he decides to put on a show for Al Bronson as he drives them off.


2331 Westhill Drive as Blaine's Mansion

Blaine stages a soiree for Al Bronson's benefit when she comes over to interview him for the article.

Plaza of Nations as Parking Lot

Graham Moss is walking after parking his car when he is kidnapped by Matthew Voss.

Fresh Window Cafe as Underpass

The new boss threatens Graham Moss's friend if he doesn't go undercover in Renegade's operation for him.