Movies Filmed at Former Ambassador Hotel

3400 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

The Ambassador Hotel was constructed in 1921 by architect Myron Hunt in the Mediterranean Revival style. Over the years the hotel and Cocoanut Grove nightclub inside were very popular spots for celebrities. In 1968 Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in the hotel's main kitchen and marked the beginning of a rapid decline of the hotel. The hotel was closed to guest in 1989, though it remained open for filming and special events. The hotel was finally demolished in 2005 with only a few small portions retained to be integrated into the new Los Angeles High School of the Arts.

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Havanna Hotel

Jack is kidnapped from his hotel in Cuba during his mission to eliminate Ineni Hassan in episode 1x10 “Spirit”. Jack gets a message to Sydney by blinking morse code and they help each other escape with Ineni Hassan in episode 1x11 “The Confession”.

Source: IMDb

Catch Me If You Can

New York Hotel

Frank peals stickers from miniature airplanes to create fake payroll checks and on a later visit he runs into a model in the hallway.

Source: IMDb

Rock Star

Hotel (exterior)

Chris and Emily head outside after a night of partying and Mats tells Emily that she isn't allowed on the bus.

Source: IMDb

L.A. Story

L'Idiot Restaurant (entrance)

Source: IMDb

El Pollo Del Mar Hotel (rooms)

Source: IMDb

Dr. Dalmar's

Source: IMDb


From episode #119 "The Steel-Plated Security Blanket".

Source: IMDb


Ambassador Hotel

The last production to shoot in the hotel while it was in the process of being demolished.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia