Catch Me If You Can Filming Locations

Catch Me If You Can was filmed in Montreal in Canada and New York, Los Angeles, Yonkers, & San Francisco in United States of America.

Ontario International Airport

Miami International Airport

Frank is heading to the airport to meet Brenda when he notices the place is swarming with federal agents. He returns with a group of newly recruits flight attendants to escaped undetected.

Source: IMDb

Los Angeles Union Station

Miami Mutual Bank

Frank flirts with Lucy while cashing a check after arriving in Miami.

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One Hanson Place

New York Bank

Frank flirts with a teller while cashing his first fake PanAm payroll check.


Ebell Club of Los Angeles

Tamiami Resort Hotel (ballroom)

Frank hires stewardesses to aid in his escape from Miami.


Crank House

Roger Strong's House


Former Ambassador Hotel

New York Hotel

Frank peals stickers from miniature airplanes to create fake payroll checks and on a later visit he runs into a model in the hallway.

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Montrichard Square

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3077 East California Boulevard

Frank Abagnale Jr.'s Mother's House

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TWA Center (JFK)


Frank heads to the airport to get out of town while wearing his pilot's outfit and discovers he can get a free flight in the cockpit of a plane heading to Miami.

Source: Filmap


Van Der Donck Park

Washington DC Square

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Prestige Laundromat

Carl Hanratty does laundry.

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