Movies Filmed at Cambie Street Bridge

Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Seaside Bicycle Route (under Cambie Stre… from Arrow and 1 other movie.
50 m

Parking Lot (off Crowe Street) from Legends of Tomorrow
190 m

Coopers' Park from The Flash and 3 other movies.
204 m

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Chase over Bridge

Supergirl comes to help as Maggie and Alex are chasing down a truckfull of thieves with heavy weaponry in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel".

Central City Bridge

Everyone arrives in Central City for the wedding in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".

TRON: Legacy

Chase Bridge

The cop chases Sam over a bridge.


Driving across Bridge

Kiera rides drives with Garza while talking to Alec and heading to the warehouse in episode 4x03 "Power Hour".