TRON: Legacy Filming Locations

A followup to the 1982 classic, TRON: Legacy follows Kevin Flynn's son Sam's journey into the TRON computer. Unlike the original, Legacy was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

TRON: Legacy was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

2766 O'Hara Lane

Flynn's Childhood Home

Kevin Flynn talks to Sam in his home in 1989.

Cassiar Tunnel


Sam bikes through a tunnel immediately before the cop sees him.

Expo Boulevard

Covered Road

A cop clocks Sam speeding and starts the motorcycle chase.

Cambie Street Bridge

Chase Bridge

The cop chases Sam over a bridge.


8th Avenue and Fir Street

Bridge Onramp

Sam Flynn eludes the cop by driving off the bridge in front of a tanker truck.

West Cordova Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)


Sam Flynn rides his bike up a ramp in the middle of downtown after escaping the cop.

Shangri-La Hotel

Encom Tower

Sam Flynn rides past Encom Tower while a security guard watches his monitors in a room above the street. Later, Flynn jumps off the roof of the building and parachutes to the ground.

West Georgia Street & Burrard Street

Parked Bike

Sam Flynn parks his bike and runs around the back of Encom Tower.

1050 West Pender Street

Encom Tower (loading dock)

Sam Flynn breaks into the Encom Tower through the loading dock.

West Georgia Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Riding on Taxi

Flynn lands on the top of a taxi and tries to ride it to escape the cops.


Vancouver City Hall - East Wing

Center City Police Department - Metro Division

Sam leaves the police department after being arrested for breaking into the Encom Tower.

Aja Tan Studios

Sam Flynn's House

Sam Flynn's arrives at home and is visited by Alan Bradley.


Causeway (Stanley Park)

Forest Road

Sam and Quorra ride the motorcycle through the woods after leaving the arcade.

Lions Gate Bridge

Ending Bridge

Sam and Quorra ride over a bridge at the end of the movie.