Independence Day Filming Locations

Aliens invade the earth and it is up to a cable guy and a pair of pilots to save Humanity from destruction.

Independence Day was filmed in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., & Wendover in United States of America.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel

First Lady's Hotel

The First Lady talks to the President over the phone from her hotel room in Los Angeles. After the aliens arrive she flees the hotel via a helicopter on the roof.


Donnelly Memorial Park

New Jersey Park

David and Julius play chess in the park before David has to head to work.


Hercules Campus (Hanger)

Compact Cable

David arrives at work and notices a strange code embedded in their satellite signals.

Wendover Airfield

Area 51

Air Force One lands at the secret military base to inspect the aliens acquired at Roswell. Hiller leads the RV convoy to the base and it becomes the core the fight against the invaders.

Source: IMDb

El Toro

Captain Hiller takes off from this air base which is soon attacked by the aliens. Jasmine arrives at the base with her group of survivors to find it completely destroyed.

Source: Wikipedia


Russell is drinking at a local diner when the locals start talking about his alien abduction story. Constructed for filming next to one of the hangers.


6033 West 74th Street

Jasmine's House

Captain Steven Hiller wakes up to find the neighborhood panicking and when he heads outside he sees the spaceship hanging over Los Angeles.


South Street & Pike Slip

Basketball Court

A group of kids playing basketball under the bridge when they see the spaceship emerging from the clouds.


Wall Street & William Street

Wall Street Panic

People panic when the spaceship arrives over Wall Street.

Source: IMDb


Leonard Street & Church Street

Crash Corner

A police officer stops in the middle of the intersection to look at the spaceship and causes a traffic accident.

Source: IMDb

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

The ship stops over the Empire State Building and then destroys it.


The White House

The White House

One of the alien spaceships settles in over the White House.


Ridge Road

View from Jasmine's House

Jasmine heads outside and sees the alien spaceship which has arrived over downtown.


Grand Street & Greene Street

Biking through Streets

David Levinson bikes through the packed traffic on his way out of town.

Source: IMDb


36 64th Street

Julius's Home

David makes his way to his father's house so they can leave the city together.

Source: IMDb


South Pershing Drive (between World & Imperial)

Highway to Washington D.C.

Julius drives David to Washington D.C. against the flow of traffic.


Pershing Drive (between Westchester & World)

Highway into Washington D.C.

Julius and David continue their journey to the capitol.


K Street Northwest & North Capitol Street Northeast

D.C. Street

Julius drives David through a deserted downtown Washington D.C. towards the White House.


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)


The military helicopter equipped with light panels for communication lifts off and heads towards the alien spacecraft.

D.C. Airport

Marine One lands at the airport and the President and his staff load onto Air Force One to escape.


Disney's Golden Oak Ranch

The White House Lawn

The President and others leave the White House on Marine One.


2nd Street Tunnel


Jasmine is stuck in traffic with her son when she sees the explosion behind her. She runs into the tunnel and manages to escape into a service corridor.

Source: IMDb


Wells Fargo Center

Wells Fargo Center

A group of UFO fanatics party atop of downtown skyscraper.


U.S. Bank Tower

U.S. Bank Tower

Jasmine's friend Tiffany and a bunch of other UFO nuts stand atop the building in downtown L.A. under the center of the giant alien spacecraft.


Mateo Street & South Santa Fe Avenue

L.A. Street

People run from their cars while the city explodes.

Source: Filmap


Kaiser Steel Plant

Destroyed Los Angeles

Jasmine searches through the streets for a way out of the city and gathers a small band of survivors including the First Lady.

Source: Wikipedia


Little Colorado River Gorge


Hiller flies his jet down a narrow canyon while being pursued by one of the alien fighters. A camera was strapped to the front of a WWII-era training airplane for filming the POV shots.

Source: Wikipedia


Bonneville Salt Flats

Salt Flats

Captain Hiller is picked up by the RV convoy while dragging the alien and he convinces them to head to the nearby secret military base.

Source: IMDb

Iraqi Air Base

An air base in Iraq receives information on the upcoming coordinated attack.

Bonneville Speedway Road

El Toro (gate)

Jasmine drives up to the gate of the air base and sees that it has been destroyed.