Independence Day Filming Locations

Aliens invade the earth and it is up to a cable guy and a pair of pilots to save Humanity from destruction.

Independence Day was filmed in Los Angeles, New York, Wendover, & Washington D.C. in the United States of America.

Wendover Airfield

Area 51

Air Force One lands at the secret military base to inspect the aliens acquired at Roswell. Hiller leads the RV convoy to the base and it becomes the core the fight against the invaders.

Source: IMDb

El Toro

Captain Hiller takes off from this air base which is soon attacked by the aliens. Jasmine arrives at the base with her group of survivors to find it completely destroyed.

Source: Wikipedia


Russell is drinking at a local diner when the locals start talking about his alien abduction story. Constructed for filming next to one of the hangers.

Ridge Road

View from Jasmine's House

Jasmine heads outside and sees the alien spaceship which has arrived over downtown.

2nd Street Tunnel


Jasmine is stuck in traffic with her son when she sees the explosion behind her. She runs into the tunnel and manages to escape into a service corridor.

Source: IMDb

Bonneville Salt Flats

Salt Flats

Captain Hiller is picked up by the RV convoy while dragging the alien and he convinces them to head to the nearby secret military base.

Source: IMDb

Iraqi Air Base

An air base in Iraq receives information on the upcoming coordinated attack.