Men in Black Filming Locations

A NYPD officer is recruited to a secret organization tasked with managing the alien population secretly living on Earth.

Part of the Men in Black series

See also: II, III, & International.

Men in Black was filmed in New York & Jersey City in the United States of America.

The Guggenheim Museum as The Guggenheim Museum

James chases the suspect to the roof of the museum where the suspect spouts something about the end of the world before jumping to his death.

Source: IMDb

Big Sky Movie Ranch as Farm

An alien spacecraft crashes next to a farm house and when the owner goes to investigate he is turned into a skin suit.

Source: IMDb

Scotch & Soda as Universal Pawnbroker

Kay takes James to the pawnbroker Jeebs to ask about the guy James was chasing earlier and Kay shoots Jeebs in the head revealing him to be an alien.

Source: IMDb

The Battery as Battery Park

Kay offers Jay a position in the M.I.B. and Jay sits around considering the choice.

Source: IMDb

54 Macdougal Street as Rosenberg Fine Jewelry

The Edgar follows Rosenberg as he leaves his shop and later returns to search for the Galaxy only to get his truck towed.

Source: IMDb

Madewell as R&L Restaurant

The Edgar attacks Rosenberg during a meeting but is disappointed to learn his suitcase only contains diamonds.

Liberty State Park as Liberty State Park

Jay ends up assisting in an alien birth on one of his first assignments with Kay.

Source: IMDb

69th Regiment Armory as Office of Chief Medical Examiner

Jay and Kay visit the morgue to investigate the body and later they return while the Edgar is present and give chase after he kidnaps Laurel and Orion.

Source: IMDb

94 Orchard Street as Auto-House

Jay makes up a story for bystanders while Kay interrogates Frank the Pug about the Galaxy.

Queens-Midtown Tunnel as Queens-Midtown Tunnel

Kay demonstrates the full capabilities of his car to race over traffic teaching Jay a lesson about always using a seatbelt.