Men in Black: International Filming Locations

After years of hunting, Molly is able to find the Men in Black and get a job there only to find herself wrapped up in intergalactic corruption within the agency.

Part of the Men in Black series

See also: I, II, & III.

Men in Black: International was filmed in Marrakesh in Morocco, London in United Kingdom, New York in United States of America, and Naples in Italy.
Show Map

Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza

Archway Under Manhattan Bridge

Molly follows the tracking data to the bridge where she discovers a M.I.B. operation hidden behind a hologram.

The Reform Club

High Stakes Card Game

H gets into some trouble with a poisonous three-headed snake after being discovered as an M.I.B. agent during a high stakes card game.

Canary Wharf Underground Station

M.I.B. Subway

M catches the express train from New York to the M.I.B. London offices.


Admiralty Arch


H drives across town back towards headquarters.


The Black Friar

M.I.B. London Office

H uses the pedestrian entrance to the London office hidden behind a typewriter shop.


Ludgate Hill (between Old Bailey & Ave Maria)

Street outside Club

H and M arrive at the club and head into a alley to use the VIP entrance. Afterwards they are attacked while leaving with Vungus.


Old Billingsgate

Underground Club

H and M are trying to keep Vungus entertained when the strange alien twins arrive and attack him.


Rue de La Kasbah & Rue Bab Agnaou


H and M emerge from the market only to spot a MiB team surrounding them looking to capture them and the item.


El Badii Palace


M and H find themselves surrounded by agents while trying to escape on the hovercycle and decide to press the red button to escape.


Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

Fortified Fortress of For Sure Death

H visits his arms dealer ex Riza in her island fortress in an attempt to recover the weapon.


Castle Ashby Gardens

Riza's Greenhouse

H presents Riza with Pawny in a jar but she then kicks him out.


Tenter House

M.I.B. Garage

M tries to drive their fancy new car but accidentally gets in the wrong side.

Ropemaker Street (between Moor & Finsbury)


H and M's new car transforms and flies off into the sky.