Jumper Filming Locations

Based on the great book, this film adaptation follows David Rice who gains the ability to teleport. Little does he know that a secret group known as the Paladins has been hunting down people like him for centuries.

Jumper was filmed in Prague in Czechia, Toronto & Peterborough in Canada, Tokyo in Japan, Rome in Italy, and New York & Ann Arbor in United States of America.

Huron High School


David gives Millie a gift after school one day but it is stolen by Mark Kobold.


Gallup Park Road Bridge

Ann Arbor River

David falls through the ice while trying to recover his snow globe from the frozen river.

Peterborough Public Library

Ann Arbor Library

David jumps into the library after falling through the ice.

Source: Torontoist

1206 Kenneth Avenue

David's House

David returns home after almost drowning the river and gets chased by his father.

Source: Torontoist

51 Edgewater Boulevard

Millie's House

David leaves the snow globe for Millie before disappearing. Years later, he returns and talks to her mother.


George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge

David rides across the bridge on the bus on his way to NYC.


Elk Hotel

Elk Hotel

Young David stays at a cheap hotel when he first arrives in New York.


Field North of Sheep Meadow (Central Park)

Central Park

Young David practices jumping in the park.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

David jumps to the viewing deck of the Empire State Building after remembering visiting there with his mother. Later, David and Griffin jump here during their fight.


Emigrant Savings Bank

Emigrant Savings Bank

Young David goes to the bank so scope out the vault so he can rob it later.

One King West Hotel

Bank Vault

David scouts out the bank vault during the day and jumps back in at night to rob the place.

Canada Permanent Trust Building


Roland goes to the bank to investigate the robbery.

Source: Torontoist

Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

London Pub

David goes out to a pub in London and picks up a girl.

Source: Torontoist

High Park


Roland and his soldiers hunt jumpers in the jungle.

Peterborough Water Tower

Ann Arbor Water Tower

David sits at the top of the water tower in his home town while thinking about stuff.

The Green Room

Millie's Bar

David visits the bar where Millie is working.

Source: Torontoist


Boscolo Exedra Roma

Rome Hotel

David and Millie stay in a fancy hotel in Rome.


Napoletano's Pantheon

Roman Cafe

Millie and David eat at a restaurant in front of the Pantheon.


The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Millie and David break into the Colosseum, David chases after Griffin, and David and Millie get arrested.


ANMIG Motherhouse

Roman Jail

David is interrogated by a police officer after he and Millie were arrested at the Colosseum.


Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Roman Airport

David takes Millie to the airport and makes her get onto a plane back to Ann Arbor.


NYPD 1st Precinct

NYPD Station

David jumps back to NYC and goes to the police station where Mark Kobold is being held.


Ginza Station

Ginza Station

David follows Griffin through a jump to a Tokyo subway station.


Asics Store Tokyo

Mercedes-Benz Dealership

Griffin steals a car from a Tokyo dealership and invites David for a drive.


Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Griffin stops their stolen car in the middle of the road and both he and David jump away.


Václav Havel Airport

Prague Airport

David and Griffin jump into the Prague airport.


North University Avenue & South State Street

Ann Arbor Intersection

David jumps back to Ann Arbor to look for Millie.

260 Gamble Avenue

Millie's Apartment

Davie goes to Millie's apartment to explain to her but they are attacked by Roland and his goons.

Source: Torontoist