Spectre Filming Locations

James Bond is pitted against a mysterious organization that is attempting to gain control of the sinister new global surveillance system and he finds himself fighting against a figure from his past.

Part of the James Bond Collection

Spectre was filmed in Rome in Italy, London in the United Kingdom, Mexico City in Mexico, Tangier in Morocco, and in Austria.

Xicoténcatl 9 as Building by Hotel

Bond runs across a rooftop near the hotel and exits from the ground floor after the building collapses.

Donceles 22B as Terrorist Building

A group of terrorist bombers meet in a building but they spot Bond who is watching from across the way.

Plaza de la Constitución as Plaza de la Constitución

Bond chases the assassin to the center of the busy plaza, knocks out his guard, and gets into his helicopter with him. The subsequent fight in the chopper occurs mostly over the square (though most of it was filmed at a remote airfield and digitally added in).

Field above Obertilliach as Crashing through Building

Bond's wingless plane crashes through a building before sliding to a stop. This structure was constructed specifically for the filming.