Spectre Filming Locations

James Bond is pitted against a mysterious organization that is attempting to gain control of the sinister new global surveillance system and he finds himself fighting against a figure from his past.

Part of the James Bond Collection
Spectre was filmed in Austria, Mexico City in Mexico, Tangier in Morocco, London in United Kingdom, and Rome in Italy.
Show Map

Calle de Tacuba (between Marconi & Filomeno Mata)

Day of the Dead Parade

James Bond follows his target through the Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City.


12 Calle de Tacuba

Hotel (entrance)

Bond heads inside a hotel with some woman after spotting his target.


Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

Hotel (interior)

Bond heads up to his hotel room but then ducks out the window.


Xicoténcatl 3

Hotel (roof)

Bond exits his hotel room and walks along to an adjacent building.


Xicoténcatl 9

Building by Hotel

Bond runs across a rooftop near the hotel and exits from the ground floor after the building collapses.


Donceles 22B

Terrorist Building

A group of terrorist bombers meet in a building but they spot Bond who is watching from across the way.


Avenida 20 de Noviembre (between República de Uruguay & Venustiano Carranza)

Street near Square

Bond works his way through the parade after Marco Sciarra.


Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza de la Constitución

Bond chases the assassin to the center of the busy plaza, knocks out his guard, and gets into his helicopter with him. The subsequent fight in the chopper occurs mostly over the square (though most of it was filmed at a remote airfield and digitally added in).

Her Majesty's Treasury & Revenue and Customs

Government Courtyard

Moneypenny approaches Bond as he is walking through the courtyard after meeting with M.


1 Stanley Gardens

Bond's Apartment

Moneypenny visits Bond at his apartment and he shows her a recording from the former M.


SIS - Secret Intelligence Service

Vauxhall Cross

Bond and Bill Tanner look at the old building from the river and later M, Q, and Moneypenny watch it being destroyed.


River Thames (near Vauxhall Bridge)

River Thames

Bond rides down the river with Bill Tanner to Q's new secret facility.

Globo Television Network


Bond and Bill Tanner arrive in Q's underground lab from the canals.


Via Celio Vibenna (between Cerchi & Claudia)

Passing Colosseum

Bond drives past the colosseum.


Museum of Roman Civilization


Bond attends a funeral and talks to the widow Lucia.


Villa di Fiorano

Lucia's Home

Lucia is about to be killed at her home when Bond arrives and saves her.


Passeggiata del Gianicolo (between Piazzale Anita Garibaldi & Via Garibaldi)

Road to Palazzo Cadenza

Bond drives down a tree lined road to the Spectre meeting.


Blenheim Palace

Palazzo Cadenza

Bond parks his car and enters the Spectre meeting.


Via Garibaldi (between Passeggiata del Gianicolo & Giacomo Medici)

Chase around Fountain

Bond is chased out of the Palazzo Cadenza and around a fountain.


Via Nomentana (between Cagliari & Viale Regina Margherita)

Attempting Backfire

Bond attempts to use the guns in his car only to find that no ammo was loaded.


Via Nomentana & Via Reggio Emilia

Turning Corner

Bond and his pursuer turn around a corner.


Via Giovanni Vitelleschi & Via Properzio

Jumping Parked Car

Bond crashes through the roof of a parked car.


Borgo Vittorio & Via Plauto

Approaching Car

Bond is forced to turn when a car pulls ahead of him.


Vicolo delle Palline (between Borgo Pio & Via dei Corridori)

Behind Slow Driver

Bond gets stuck behind a slow driver and pushes him down the street.


Via Panisperna (between Salita del Grillo & Via di Sant-Agata de Goti)

Driving between Walls

Bond turns the corner and drives down the road between two high walls.


Piazza della Cancelleria

Watching in Review Mirror

Bond turns the corner and watches for his pursuer in the mirror.


Piazza di San Pantaleo

Turning Around

Bond turns off behind his pursuer forcing the other driver to spin around to follow.


Via Panisperna & Via di Sant'Agata de Goti

Down Hill

Bond drives over the crest of a hill.


Via Panisperna & Via del Boschetto

Near Miss

Bond has to swerve to avoid a car passing through the intersection.


Via della Conciliazione (between Rusticucci & dell'Erba)

Chase towards St. Peter's

Bond is chased down the road towards St. Peter's Basilica.


Via dei Corridori & Largo del Colonnato

Chase around St. Peter's

The chase continues around a corner and through some arches.


Stairs at Via degli Scialoia

Driving Down Stairs

Bond is forced to drive down some stairs onto the riverside walk.


Tiber River (at Via Acciaioli)

Driving along River

Bond is chased along the river.


Tiber River (at Ponte Pietro Nenni)

Driving around Debris

Bond and his pursuer drives up onto the embankment to get around some debris.


Tiber River (at Ponte Mazzini)


Bond releases flames from his car and ignites the car following him.


Tiber River (at Ponte Sisto)

Crashing into River

Bond crashes the prototype car into the river after escaping with the ejection seat.


Lungotevere Farnesina (between Ponte Mazzini & Ponte Sisto)

Parachute Landing

Bond lands on the road with his parachute.

London City Hall

Centre for National Security

M and Max Denbigh talk while walking up to Max's office in the new security building.

Tokyo Meeting

Representatives of various governments meet to vote on the new surveillance program.


Altausseer See

Altausseer See

Bond heads across the lake in a boat.


Jausenstation Seewiese

Mr. White's Cabin

Bond tracks Mr. White to his remote Austrian cabin.

Source: Wikipedia



Hoffler Klinik

Bond tracks down Mr. White's daughter, Madeleine Swann, to a mountaintop clinic.


Upper Station (Gaislachkogelbahn Mountain Gondola)

Upper Gondola Station

Q gets onto the gondola to ride down the mountain and one of Spectre's agents enters the car with him.


Ötztaler Gletscherstaße Tunnel

Mountaintop Tunnel

Madeleine's kidnappers drive her through a tunnel.


Ötztaler Gletscherstaße (bends)

Mountaintop Road

Bond follows the kidnappers car in his plane while Madeleine fights with them on the inside.


Middle Station (Gaislachkogelbahn Mountain Gondola)

Lower Gondola Station

Q uses the crowd of skiers to evade the Spectre agents.


Ötztaler Gletscherstaße & Mittelstation

Turning off Road

The kidnapper's convoy turns off the road and into the trees.


Field above Kartitsch

Sliding across Field

Bond's plane slides on its belly across a field.


Field above Obertilliach

Crashing through Building

Bond's wingless plane crashes through a building before sliding to a stop. This structure was constructed specifically for the filming.


Alley near Dorf

Arguing with Madeleine

Madeleine and Bond argue after her escape from the kidnappers.


Waller Staircase

Walking up Street

Madeleine and Bond walk up a staircase in front of a busy market.


Rue Bab Assa (between Jnane al Captane & Doukkala)

Walking up Road

Madeleine and Bond walk up a narrow road.


Palace Hotel Akaaboune

Hotel L'Americain

Bond and Madeleine arrive at Mr. White's hotel/safe house.


Freemasons' Hall

Government Building

M arrives at a meeting of the intelligence services only to find it has already ended.


Oriental Desert Express Line (west of Ouijda)

Train Leaving Town

The train carrying Bond and Madeleine leaves town and heads into the desert.




Q and Moneypenny visit M at a restaurant and he tells them it is safer if they leave Bond alone to work.


Road to Erfoud Crater

Driving to Spectre Base

Bond and Madeleine are driven to the hidden Spectre base.


Crater near Erfoud

Spectre Base

Bond and Madeleine Swann are brought to Spectre's hidden base in the desert.


Hill near Erfoud Crater

Spectre Base (helipad)

Bond and Madeleine walk up to the helipad while the base explodes behind them.

35 Spring Gardens

Hildebrand Safe House

M, Q, and Moneypenny head to a MI-6 safe house to talk to Bond.

Spring Gardens (south of The Mall)

Madeleine being Followed

Madeleine looks behind her as she is walking away from the safe house.

Horseferry Road & Dean Ryle Street

Kidnapper's Driving

The kidnappers drive down the street.

Horseferry Road & Millbank Roundabout

Driving around Roundabout

The kidnappers head around a roundabout.

River Thames (near Lambeth Bridge)

River Thames

Madeleine drives the boat up the river while Bond fires on Blofeld's helicopter.

Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge

Blofeld's helicopter crashes on the bridge and Bond confronts him as he is crawling away.

Whitehall (between Great Scotland Yard & Whitehall Place)

Bond & Madeleine Drive Away

Madeleine and Bond drive away.