Skyfall Filming Locations

The twenty-third James Bond film was shot on location in London, Scotland, and Turkey. While there were establishing shots in Shanghai, primary China locations were filmed in England.

Part of the James Bond Collection

Skyfall was filmed in London in the United Kingdom, İstanbul in Turkey, and in Japan.

Calis Beach as Beach

Production build a little hut on the beach for the scorpion drinking game scene.

Ascot Racecourse as Shanghai Airport

The escalators at the Ascot Racecourse are double as Shanghai's airport.

National Gallery as National Gallery

James Bond enters the National Gallery from Trafalgar Square for a meeting with Q in front of Turner's The Fighting Temeraire.

Broadgate Tower as Shanghai Office Building

James Bond follows the man who stole the hard drive.

Trinity Square

End of chase scene-- exterior of where M is in for public inquiry.

Eminonu Square as Market

Bond races through a market set up in Eminonu Square, located between Istanbul's famous spice bazaar and Yeni Mosque, on motorcycle.

West Smithfield as New MI6 Entrance

Bond drives through a carpark across from Smithfield Meat Market to the new temporary MI6 headquarters.

Hashima Island as Silva's abandoned island

Establishing shots only. The rest was built at Pinewood Studios.