Agent X Filming Locations

Agent X was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Vancouver Art Gallery

Capitol Building

Vice President Maccabee is sworn in on the steps of the capitol building in pilot episode.

White House (hallway)

Maccabee approaches the President outside a meeting and asks about the key in pilot episode.

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC)

Georgetown University

Missy Stanton is kidnapped while walking around her university late at night in pilot episode.

AMS Student Nest (UBC)

New Russian Embassy

John Case heads to the Russian embassy which is under construction to rescue Missy Stanton in pilot episode.

Stanley Park Drive & Pipeline Road (Stanley Park)

Car Crash

Maccabee's husband is killed in a car crash in pilot episode.


Empty Lot off Ash Street

Berlin Lot

John Case leaves Olga Petrovka locked in his trunk awaiting pickup in pilot episode.

Level Apartments

The Empire Hotel

John Case breaks into a Berlin hotel to take down the mysterious chaos merchant in pilot episode.