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750 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7, Canada
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The Art Gallery is housed in the former Provincial Courthouse, a Neo-classic building constructed in 1906. This is a Vancouver heritage building.

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Howe Street (between Robson & West Georg… from The Interview
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Hornby Street (between Georgia & Robson) from The Flash
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West Georgia Street & Howe Street from The 6th Day
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Courthouse in episode #112 "Cloudy… With a Chance of Murder".

The Flash

Leonard Snart on Street

Leonard Snart sees the black hole suck up buildings in episode #123 "Fast Enough".

Art Gallery

Barry and the team stake out of the gallery where the Turtle plans on stealing a painting in episode #210 "Potential Energy".

Statue Theft

The team watches footage of the Turtle stealing a statue in episode #210 "Potential Energy".


Starling City Royal Museum

The Dodger forces a guard to steal a priceless gem for him in episode #115 "Dodger".

Starling City Superior Court

Oliver gives testimony about what occurred on the island and then has a run-in with Laurel at the courthouse in episode #102. Tommy intercepts Laurel as she is leaving work in episode #103. Oliver has a hearing here when he is accused of being the Vigilante in episode #105. Laurel prosecutes a case here in episode #310. Darhk is put on trial in episode #416.

Starling Metro Police Department

Oliver is perp-walked up the steps into the police department while being swarmed by press in episode #105 "Damaged.

Starling City Park

Diggle and Carly talk about their relationship while strolling through a park in episode #115 "Dodger".

Fence's Gallery

The Dodger attempts to sell his stolen gem to Cass Derenick but the fence tries to rip him off in episode #115 "Dodger".

Source: YVRShoots

Malcolm Merlyn's Office

From episode #105 "Damaged".

Mayor's Office

A meeting between the mayor and other important city officials is attacked by Brick and his goons in episode #311 "Midnight City". The mayor is shot by Maseo posing as the arrow in episode #317 "Suicidal Tendencies".


King County Superior Court

Liv meets Major when he is released on bail only for him to be arrested by Clive for another crime in episode #218 "Dead Beat".

Coffee Cart

Ravi calls Liv and asks what she wants for breakfast in episode #218 "Dead Beat".


Los Angeles County Courthouse (interior)

Chloe attends the trial of the man who ordered her father's murder only to find Charlotte representing the accused in episode #210 "Quid Pro Ho".


Judge's Chambers

A judge in Hong Kong notices the Tomorrowland pin on his desk.


Federal Central Metro Station, Washington D.C.

The outside of the metro station where the team stop Diane Burgess from exploding in episode #203 "Fracture".

U.S. Capitol Building

Peter meets in a congressional meeting room, and then Fauxlivia, Walter, and Peter talk on the steps of the capitol building at the end of episode #301 "Olivia".

New York Building Stairs

Walternate receives a phone call about Olivia's escape in episode #308 "Entrada".

Maryann Douglas Wing, Fine Art Museum

Olivia goes undercover to stop the attack on the art show in episode #312 "Concentrate and Ask Again".

Alternate Harvard Building Hallway

Soldiers run through the hallway on their way to capture Olivia on the other side episode #308 "Entrada".

The X-Files

Sioux City Library (interior)

Scully and Mulder talk to a friend of Ruby Morris who claims she ran away with her boyfriend in episode #104 "Conduit".

Stargate SG-1

Air Force Administration Building 36

Jack, Sam, and General Hammond attend a meeting in Washington D.C. in episode #209 "Secrets".


Romored to be used as a courtroom. See photos of filming on YVRshoots.

Dark Angel

Outside Steinlitz Hotel

The police surround the ConGen 2 Conference in episode #105 "Prodigy".

Seattle Municipal Courthouse

Max drives her motorcycle into the courtroom and drops off the witness in episode #109 "Red".

Downtown Building

Madame X talks with someone at the start of episode #119 "Meow".

The Core

Academy of Sciences

Major Childs's Hearing



The pilot episode includes a scene of Joseph Adama in the courtroom. This was filmed in the Vancouver Art Gallery's heritage courtrooms. The exterior of the building was also used as the exterior of the courthouse.


Joseph and Sam sit and chat at the Vancouver Art Gallery fountain in the pilot episode.


Committee Room

Backstrom meets with the civilian oversight committee and has a panic attack during his testimony in episode #104 "I Am a Bird Now".


Backstrom confronts Cassandra Lastrange after she talks to Charles Turner in episode #101 "Dragon Slayer". Gravely and ADA Kines convince a judge to give them a warrant on the steps to the courthouse in episode #110 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It". Backstrom and Amy have a fight on the steps in episode #112 "Corkscrewed".

Fairly Legal

City Hall

Kate talks to Justin about her client at his office in episode #101.

Police Station

Leonardo talks to one of his gamer buddies who is a cop to get information in episode #101.

Battle In Seattle

Press Conference

John Doe

Seattle Courthouse

Karen's court appearance in episode #106 "Low Art" were filmed in the heritage courtrooms.

Seattle Art Gallery

Karen is working at the art gallery when she is accused of theft and murder in episode #106 "Low Art".

Josie and the Pussycats


Dance at Fountain

Agent X

Capitol Building

Vice President Maccabee is sworn in on the steps of the capitol building in episode #101.

White House (hallway)

Maccabee approaches the President outside a meeting and asks about the key in episode #101.

Da Vinci's City Hall

From episode #112 "Bumped from the Ball".

Source: IMDb

Wayward Pines

Seattle Gallery of Contemporary Art

From episode #101 "Where Paradise Is Home".

Source: IMDb

You Me Her


Emma takes Izzy up the roof during their first date in episode #103 "No Penetration".