Back to the Future Part III Filming Locations

Marty heads back to the old west to rescue Doc Brown but finds himself trapped when the DeLorean is damaged.

Part of the Back to the Future trilogy

See also: Part I & Part II.

Back to the Future Part III was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Courthouse Square (Universal Studios)

Downtown Hill Valley [1955]

Marty runs into town and approaches Doc Brown who just sent the other version of Marty back to the future.


Gamble House

Doc Brown's House (exterior)

Marty returns to Doc Brown's house with him after receiving the letter from the past.


Robert R. Blacker House

Doc Brown's House (interior)

After sleeping for awhile, Marty and the Doc discuss the letter from the past.


Remote Field (Monument Valley)

Pohatchee Drive-in Theatre

The Doc gets Marty set up to travel back in time at a local drive-in theatre, and after Marty arrives in the past he is faced with a group of Indians riding towards him.


Palo Comado Fire Road

McFly Farm

Marty falls down a hillside and is knocked out by when he hits the bottom.


Former Red Hills Ranch

Downtown Hill Valley [1885]

Marty walks down the train tracks and arrives in the small town of Hill Valley.

Source: BTTFtour


Rural Road (Monument Valley)


Doc and Marty attempt to get the DeLorean up to speed using a team of horses.


Hillside above Ravine

Shonash Ravine

Doc Brown and Marty look at the ravine with the incomplete bridge.


Stream beside B Road

Riding to Town

Marty and Doc chat while riding beside a stream.


Fake Silver Mine at Red Hills Ranch

Loading onto Tracks

Marty and Doc Brown load the DeLorean onto the railroad spur.


Pond off Mountain Bluff Road

Tannen's Camp

Mad Dog Tannen wakes his crew to take them into town to kill the Doc.


Railroad Tracks alongside B Road


The Doc tries to get Clara Clayton to the front of the train while Marty rides in the DeLorean.


Railroad Tracks near Serpentine Loop Road

Hijacking Train

Doc and Marty jump atop the train and run its length to the engine.


South Ventura Road & Shoreview Drive

Eastwood Valley Crossing

Marty arrives back in 1985 in the DeLorean which is promptly destroyed by an oncoming train.

Source: BTTFtour


Kagel Canyon Street & Sandusky Avenue

Lyon Estates Entrance

Marty runs through the entrance of his neighborhood.


9303 Roslyndale Avenue

McFly House

Marty heads back to his house and picks up his fancy pickup truck.


161 North Magnolia Avenue

Jennifer's House

Marty arrives back in 1985 and wakes up Jennifer from where he left her at her house.


Doris Avenue & Oxford Drive

Challenged to Race

Marty is driving with Jennifer in his new truck when a group of kids challenge him to a race.

Source: BTTFtour