Back to the Future Filming Locations

In the first film in the Back to the Future trilogy, Marty McFly is accidentally sent back in time while working with his mad scientist friend Doc Brown and must find a way to return to his own time without erasing himself from the timeline.

Part of the Back to the Future trilogy

See also: Part II & Part III.

Back to the Future was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Burger King

Doc Brown's House [1985]

Marty McFly leaves Doc's garage and grabs onto the back of a pickup truck to ride to school.


Courthouse Square (Universal Studios)

Downtown Hill Valley

Marty rides through Hill Valley in 1985, and later he returns to the square in 1955.


Whittier High School

Hill Valley High School

Marty is talking with Jennifer when he arrives at school when he is confronted by Mr. Strickland for being late.


McCambridge Recreation Center

Hill Valley High School (gym)

Marty auditions with his band for the Battle of the Bands but is rejected for being too loud.


Kagel Canyon Street & Sandusky Avenue

Lyon Estates Entrance [1985]

Marty rides his skateboard into his neighborhood.


9303 Roslyndale Avenue

McFly House

Marty arrives back home and has dinner with his family.


Puenta Hills Mall

Twin Pines Mall

Doc demonstrates his time machine to Marty but they are attacked by terrorists and Marty flees through time.


Disney's Golden Oak Ranch

Twin Pines Ranch

Marty travels back in time and crashes into a barn house. The barn in question was Golden Oak's ragwing barn.


Cucamonga Avenue (between County & McCarty)

Lyon Estates Entrance [1955]

Marty arrives at the entrance to his neighborhood only to find it hasn't been constructed yet.


1727 Bushnell Avenue

Lorraine Baines's House

Marty sees a young version of his father spying on his mother from a tree and ends up getting hit by a car while saving him from being hit.


Gamble House

Doc Brown's House (exterior) [1955]

Marty heads to Doc Brown's house and follows the Doc out to his garage lab.


Robert R. Blacker House

Doc Brown's House (interior) [1955]

Marty knocks on Doc's door and tries to convince him that he is from the future.


1711 Bushnell Avenue

George McFly's House

Marty tries to convince George to win Lorraine's heart at the dance.


First United Methodist Church

Enchantment Under the Sea Dance

Marty attends the dance to try and get his parents together.


2700 North Vermont Avenue

Start Line

Marty lines up the car with a starting line painted by Doc Brown so he can hit 88 MPH when the lightning strikes.