Back to the Future Part II Filming Locations

Marty and Doc Brown head to the far future of 2015 to save Marty’s son, but end up giving Biff Tannen the tools he needs to change his own past.

Part of the Back to the Future trilogy

See also: Part I & Part III.

Back to the Future Part II was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

9303 Roslyndale Avenue as McFly House [1985/Alt-1985]

Doc Brown arrives at Marty's house and takes him to the future. Later, Marty arrives in alternate 1985 and ends up entering someone else's house.

Courthouse Square (Universal Studios) as Downtown Hill Valley

Marty and Doc Brown arrives in Hill Valley in the far future of 2015. Later, Marty walks through the desolate alternate 1985. And finally, he sees Doc Brown setting up the lightning trap in 1955.

12511 Bailey Street as Strickland's House [Alt 1985]

Marty looks at a newspaper in the changed 1985 when Strickland points a gun after him because he thinks Marty is the one stealing his newspapers.