Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Filming Locations

Harry, Hermione, and Ron are initiated into a secret society and a terrible force tears the school apart from within while the trio trains students to stand against evil.

Part of the Harry Potter Collection
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was filmed in London in United Kingdom.
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Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden


Harry is being tormented by Dudley and his cronies when a death eater arrives and scares them all away.


Claremont Square (between Amwell & Mylne)

12 Grimmauld Place

'Mad-Eye' Moody leads Harry and his friends to the secret hideout of the Order of the Phoenix.

Westminster Station

Tube Station

Arthur Weasley comments on the underground trains to Harry while escorting him to the Ministry.

Great Scotland Yard & Scotland Place

Ministry of Magic

Arthur escorts Harry into the Ministry of Magic through a phone booth entrance.


King's Cross Station

Platform 9¾

Harry has a covert meeting with Sirius Black and learns about the original membership of the Order of the Phoenix. He then has a vision of Voldemort before boarding the train.


Tracks (near Beasdale Station)

Train Tracks

The Hogwarts Express travels past the shore.


Black Park Country Park

Hogsmeade Station

The new students get off the train and enter carriages to head to the school. Harry, unlike the rest of the students, can see the Thestrals pulling the carriages and ends up talking to Luna Lovegood who can also see them. The students head back to the train at the end of the year.

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Clachaig Gully

Hagrid's Hut

Harry heads down to Hagrid's hut but gets distracted by one of the falling creatures. Later, the trio heads down to the hut and see Dolores Umbridge talking to Hagrid.


Burnham Beeches

Forbidden Forest

Harry heads into the woods after spotting a Thestral flying overhead and finds Luna with a few of the animals.

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Blenheim Palace

Vision of James Potter

Harry watches a memory of his father tormenting Snape when they both were in school.