Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Filming Locations

Harry finds himself tormented by the the strange Dementors and the repeated appearance of a mysterious wolf.

Part of the Harry Potter Collection
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was filmed in London in United Kingdom.
Show Map

41 Royce Grove

Number 4 Privet Drive

Harry leaves the Dursley house after accidentally casting a spell.

Dowding Way (between Aerodrome & Royce Grove)

Knight Bus Stop

Harry sits down on the side of the road after running from home but he is frightened by a creature in the nearby bushes. His fears are (somewhat) alleviated when the Knight Bus shows up to take him to safety.


Green Lanes (between Osborne & Windsor)

First Street

The Knight Bus races down the street dodging between cars.


Park Avenue & Green Lanes

Second Corner

The Knight Bus turns another corner and continues its journey.

Lambeth Bridge

Crossing Bridge

The Knight Bus gets really narrow to squeeze between two double-decker busses.

Stoney Street (between Park & Southwark)

Leaky Cauldron

The Knight Bus drops Harry off right outside the Leaky Cauldron after its race through the city.


King's Cross Station

Platform 9¾

Ron's mom passes him his pet rat Scabbers as the train pulls out of the station.

Loch Eilt (west end)

Tracks by Lake

The Hogwarts Express drives path a lake on the way to Hogwarts.

Lakeside Woods (towards lake)

Sirius talks with Harry about Dementors and he agrees to teach him how to defend himself. Later, the trio talks with Hagrid about the hearing about Buckbeak's hearing.

Glenfinnan Viaduct


The Hogwarts Express is stopped by the Dementors who attack Harry.

Clachaig Gully

Hagrid's Hut

The trio joins a bunch of students for Hagrid's Cafe of Magical Creatures class. The trio visits Hagrid after hearing that Buckbeak has been sentenced to death and later Harry and Hermione return to the same moment after using the Time Turner to save the hippogriff. Information about filming can be found at Glencoe Scotland.


Virginia Water (southeast shore)

Lakeside Woods (away from lake)

St. Paul's Cathedral

Hogwarts (stairs)

Harry and Ron walk out of Professor Trelawney's class after Hermione storms out.

Loch Shiel

Hogwarts' lake