Her Filming Locations

A lonely man going through a divorce in the future falls in love with his Siri.

Part of the 86th Academy Awards Collection

Her was filmed in Shanghai in China and Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

400 South Hope

Beautiful Handwritten Letters.com

Theodore spends his work days writing fake handwritten letters for people.


Hyatt on the Bund Hotel

Beverly Wilshire City (hallway)

Beautiful Handwritten Letters.com (elevator)

Theodore rides down in a busy elevator after work.


Mingzhu Roundabout

Pedestrian Pathway

Theodore walks home along an elevated pedestrian walkway after work.


Pacific Design Center

Airplane Sculpture

Source: IMDb

Beverly Wilshire City (lobby)


Watermarke Towers

Beverly Wilshire City (apartments)


The Town House

Theodore & Catherine's Old Apartment

In a flashback, Catherine and Theodore move into their first apartment together.


Santa Monica Pier


Theodore goes out with Samantha and lets her be his eyes while he walks through the fair.

Source: IMDb


Disney Hall

People Watching

Theodore walks with Samantha poking out of his pocket as she comments on people she sees.

Source: IMDb


Hollywood/Western Station

Beach Station (walkway)

Theodore runs through the subway station with Samantha on their way to their beach trip.

Source: IMDb


The New Otani Hotel & Garden

Outdoor Restaurant

Catherine and Theodore meet to the sign divorce papers.

Source: IMDb


Hilton Shanghai

Beverly Wilshire City (rooftop)