Movies Filmed at Los Angeles Center Studios

1201 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA
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West 4th Street (between Beaudry & Figue… from Iron Man
289 m

The L.A. Hotel from Alias
413 m

West 4th Street & South Figueroa Street from Supergirl
420 m

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Crash Site

Chloe and Lucifer watch footage of Professor Carlisle savings his research and letting his driver die after a car crash in episode 2x12 "Love Handles". Lucifer finds the professor repeatedly reliving the crash in Hell in episode 2x13 "A Good Day to Die".

Hospital (exterior)

Lucifer and Charlotte fight over Chloe outside the hospital in episode 2x13 "A Good Day to Die".

You're the Worst


From episode 1x02 "Insouciance".

Jessie's Petting Zoo

Edgar hugs some animals while the gang is hanging out at a petting zoo in episode 1x05 "Sunday Funday".

Therapist's Office

Becca and Vernon attend therapy in episode 1x06 "PTSD". Gretchen takes Sam and the band to group therapy over their beef in episode 2x06 "Side Bitch".

Movie Studio

Jimmy meets with a pair of executives about writing tie-in novels in episode 2x05 "We Can Do Better Than This".

Auto Museum

Gretchen, Edgar, and Jimmy perform a Biggie Seance at a museum during their Sunday Funday in episode 2x08 "Spooky Sunday Funday".



Kara & Astra's fight continues on the ground and Kara manages to capture her aunt in episode 1x08 "Hostile Takeover".



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Mad Men


Office scenes are filmed in Los Angeles Center Studios.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hydra Laboratories

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FBI Offices


CIA Offices

Sydney walks into the CIA offices and asks to speak with the Director in episode 1x01 "Truth Be Told".

Parking Garage

Sydney is walking back to her car when she is attacked in episode 1x01 "Truth Be Told".


Dollhouse Garage

The Dolls depart and arrive through an underground loading dock.

Death Race 2000

Mercy Hospital

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Better Off Ted

Veridian Dynamics

The '70s

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The X Files

Bombed Building

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