Juno Filming Locations

In this classic Ellen Page indie film a 16-year-old gets pregnant and decides to carry the child to term and then give them up in a closed adoption.

Juno was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Eric Hamber Secondary School

Dancing Elk High School

Juno and her friends attend Dancing Elk High School.

Track Meet

Bleeker is at his track meet when he notices Juno is missing and runs off to go to the hospital.

Summitview Medical Centre

Women Now

Juno heads to the clinic to get an abortion and sees her classmate Su-Chin protesting outside.


22 Avenue & 140 Street

Glacial Valley Estate

Juno and her dad drive into a fancy housing estate.


13926 23 Avenue

Vanessa & Mark's House

Juno meets the potential couple at their fancy house.

South Surrey Athletic Park

Dancing Elk Track & Field

Bleeker practices with his track team behind their school.

Coquitlam Centre


Juno goes to the mall with her friend Leah where Vanessa sees them.

Deltaport Way


Juno breaks down in tears at the side of the road after seeing Mark & Vanessa break up.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)


Juno is rushed to the hospital where she eventually gives birth to a baby boy.