Movies Filmed at East Lawn Building

Part of Riverview Hospital
2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5X9, Canada

The East Lawn Building opened in 1930 and housed the Chronic Female Unit and is the largest building at Riverview. The building was designed to house 675 patients but by the 50s its had over 1,400. The building was closed down in 2005 and has been used by film productions since then.

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Tuck Shop from Psych
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Parking Lot (at Kerrina & Oak) from The Flash
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Industrial Therapy Building from Arrow and 3 other movies.
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The Flash

Central City Hospital

Ramsey breaks into the hospital's storage room to steal blood bags and later returns to steal it directly from the patients in episode 6x04 "There Will Be Blood".


Yoga Park

Marcy and David enjoy some yoga in the park in episode 2x09 "Update".

Coastal Cross Memorial Hospital

Grant takes Kat to the hospital when she has pregnancy complications in episode 2x09 "Update". In a flashback, Director Stevenson gets a message from the Director who promises to heal his dying daughter in exchange for a favor in the future in episode 3x01 "Ilsa".


Fort Nicholas Army Base (Gate)

Shawn and Gus are driven into the base by Ewan O'Hara in episode 4x10 "You Can't Handle This Episode".

Willowbrooke Psychiatric Hospital (exterior)

The team talk to the head of the mental institution after a patient escapes in season 7 special "Psych the Musical".


From season 7 special "Psych the Musical".

Santa Barbara Police Department (interior)

Shawn is interrogated by Lassiter and Lucinda Barry and later talks to the chief upstairs in pilot episode.

The Magicians

Dublin Street

Quentin wakes up in a taxi in Dublin and panics over what the Alice-niffin has been up to in episode 2x08 "Word as Bond".

Overland Psychiatric Hospital

Julia finds Penny's mother working as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital and convinces Penny to visit her to get answers in episode 5x12 "The Balls".

Nave Hotel (machine room)

Eliot and Alice go to turn on the AC upstairs and have to start singing when confronted with a bellhop in episode 5x12 "The Balls".

The Good Doctor

San Francisco Municipal Hospital (interior)

Claire and Shaun pick up the donor liver from the other hospital in episode 1x03 "Oliver".

Casper Hospital

The police bring Dr. Glassman to talk with Shaun who he finds reading a medical textbook in episode 1x03 "Oliver".

Once Upon a Time

Storybrooke General Hospital

Hospital where various characters are treated throughout the season first seen in episode 1x03 "Snow Falls".


Iron Heights Prison (exterior)

Lance creates a distraction with the police so the team can sneak inside the prison in episode 4x18 "Eleven-Fifty-Nine".

Abandoned Building

Diggle follows a tip on his brother and finds him in an abandoned building in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Empty Kitchen

Diggle wakes up tied to the ceiling and is tortured by his brother in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Kord Industries Warehouse

Olive leads the new team in an exercise to capture one of Church's people who is stealing something from Kord Industries in episode 5x04 "Penance".

Stargate SG-1

Police Station

Vala is taken by some fake SG-1 officers after talking with the police in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".


Washington State Mental Hospital (interior)

Liv and Clive talk to Jason at the mental hospital where he is incarcerated in episode 1x10 "Mr. Berserk".


Liv visits the victim's newborn baby at the hospital and sees her mother there in episode 1x07 "Maternity Liv". Clive checks in on Michelle after she was hit by a hockey puck and Liv runs into her mother who still isn't talking to her in episode 5x07 "Filleted to Rest".

Zombie Jail

A Fillmore Graves splinter group assaults the zombie jail, killing several guards and freeing eight frozen prisoners in episode 5x07 "Filleted to Rest".

Legends of Tomorrow

Basement [Unknown]

The Darhks hold Ray hostage and torture him for fun & information in episode 3x13 "No Country for Old Dads".

Maternity Ward [2020]

Behrad sneaks in to the maternity ward with the film crew to seem himself as a newborn in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

Mona's Office [2020]

Mona wolfs out while aggressively negotiating a book advance for Rebecca Silver in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".


National City Hospital

All of James's friends gather at the hospital while he is in surgery including his sister Kelly in episode 4x15 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". Kara visits Alex and James as Supergirl to warn them about Lex's escape in episode 4x16 "The House of L". Kelly catches James as he is leaving the hospital and says he might want to see someone about his trauma in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".

National City University

Kara, Lena, and Alex search Eve's secret lab, discover some clues, and are attacked by a failed experiment in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".

The X-Files

Texan Hospital

Miller and Scully arrive at the hospital where Shiraz is being kept alive and discuss how to communicate with him in episode 10x05 "Babylon".

Henrico County Psychiatric Hospital

Scully talks to Dr. Babsi Russel about the rash of incidents and takes special interest in one of the patients, Judy Poundstone in episode 11x03 "Plus One".



Juno is rushed to the hospital where she eventually gives birth to a baby boy.


New York General Hospital

Hospital where Olivia is taken after she comes back from the other side in episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town".

Washington General Hospital

The Fringe team goes to interview Greg Leiter about his breakdown at his office in episode #205 "Dream Logic".

Plainfield Memorial Hospital

Olivia is held in an abandoned hospital by David Jones in episode #414 "The End of All Things".

Old Folk's Home

From episode 4x13 "A Better Human Being".


From episode 3x10 "The Firefly".

Van Helsing

Seattle Valley General Hospital (hallway)

The vampire who bit Vanessa crawls out of the body disposal chute in episode 1x01 "Help Me".

Military Base (exterior)

Axel goes searching around the military base in episode 1x08 "Little Thing".


DC General Hospital (ward)

Grace and Cavanaugh try to convince the Chief Justice's wife to let them wake him up to get his ruling in episode 2x04 "Indivisible".



Raimy is briefed on the skeleton found in the swamp in pilot episode.


Young Raimy brings Frank the ham radio in the hospital where he is being treated for his gunshot wound in pilot episode. Young Eva is treated at the hospital in episode 1x04 "Bleed Over".

Psych: The Movie

Bay City General Hospital (interior)

Gus and Shawn head to the hospital where Juliet's new partner is hospitalized.


Hilltowne University Hospital

Galvin calls everyone to the hospital for help identifying the strange outbreak and while there Mel sees Niko being wheeled passed in episode 1x21 "Red Rain".

Abandoned Building

Harry, Mel, and Maggie investigate the facility where Parker was being held and Maggie uses her powers to read the history of the space in episode 1x21 "Red Rain".

Life Sentence

Lone Pine Hospital

Stella works at her new volunteer position at the hospital when she realizes that Sadie doesn't have anyone to avocate for her in episode 1x03 "Clinical Trial and Error". Stella visits Sadie and commiserates with her about bad hospital food in episode 1x04 "How Stella Got Her Groove On".


Ida and Paul eat ice cream while watching their grandchildren play at a picnic in episode 1x04 "How Stella Got Her Groove On".

Human Target

Embassy Grounds

Chance and Agent Barnes have a motorcycle chase in episode 1x03 "Embassy Row".


Chance leaves the hospital with Allyson Russo in episode 1x05 "Run".



Lucy is being treated in this hospital after she is shot in episode 1x02 "Ernest Cobb". Lucy is taken from the hospital by Hauser in episode 1x06 "Paxton Petty".


New Cap City Loading Dock

Loading dock where Joseph is killed in New Cap City in episode 1x07 "The Imperfections of Memory".


From episode 1x07 "The Imperfections of Memory".



Fairly Legal


From episode 1x03 "Benched".


Eden Hill Hospital

Maddie and Ben drop Xander and Calvin off at the hospital to treat their injuries and several weeks later Ben's mother is taken there for treatment in episode 2x09 "No North Star". Elaine's condition continues to deteriorate until Ben brings the Naval crew by with a treatment made from Ryn's stem cells in episode 2x10 "All In".


Flower Power Protest

Flashback of the young woman putting a flower into a gun barrel from the opening credits.

The InBetween

Abandoned Building (interior)
Woodgate Memorial Hospital

From pilot episode. From episode 1x02 "Made of Stone". From episode 1x03 "Where the Shadows Fall".


Dylan's Family's Home

From episode 1x05 "The Grey Market".


From episode 1x05 "The Grey Market".




Arkham Asylum (security offices)

Kate fights off some guards to get the key from the Arkham head of security in episode 1x16 "Through the Looking-Glass".