Riverview Hospital

2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5X9, Canada

Riverview Hospital is a psychiatric hospital which opened in 1913. The hospital expanded into a number of buildings until it eventually closed in 2012. The empty buildings have been used extensively for film in TV production. In 2017 demolition of the old structures started to make way for the construction of new mental health facilities on the campus.

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Crease Clinic

This building opened in 1934 as a veterans treatment center for veterans of the First World War. This included the main building as well as the separate Veterans Dining Block. The main building was expanded in 1945 and reopened in 1949 as the Crease Clinic of Psychological Medicine, a short-term psychological treatment center. Now used almost exclusively for film production.

East Lawn Building

The East Lawn Building opened in 1930 and housed the Chronic Female Unit and is the largest building at Riverview. The building was designed to house 675 patients but by the 50s its had over 1,400. The building was closed down in 2005 and has been used by film productions since then.

North Lawn Building

The North Lawn building opened in 1955 to house mental patients with Tuberculosis. It was closed down in 2007 and only recently opened to film productions.

West Lawn Building

The West Lawn Building opened in 1913 and housed the Chronic Male Unit. Closed down in 1983, this building has been used sparingly for film work due to its rundown and unsafe state.

Centre Lawn Building

The Centre Lawn Building opened in 1924 housing 300 patients in what was originally the Acute Psychopathic Wing. Closed down in July of 2012 making it the last operational wing of the hospital.

Henry Esson Young Building

Constructed in 1959 to provide living accommodation for 100 student nurses and facilities for their education. The educational program left Riverview in 1972 and the building was used mainly as an auditorium and library until its closure in 2012.

Valleyview Pavilion

Opened in 1959 as a "Home for the Aged". The building was built with over 300 beds to relieve the overcrowding of two other buildings. The facility remained in operation until the late 2000s and began to be used for filming in 2012. The pavilion was demolished in 2017 to make room for new construction.

Tuck Shop

Small store on the Riverview campus that opened in 1955.

Other locations belonging to Riverview Hospital include Industrial Therapy Building, Pennington Hall, Old Fire Hall, Holly Drive & Lawn Drive, Boilerhouse, Fern Terrace (between Mariner & Violet), Kerria Drive, Grounds Maintenance Storage Yard, Parking Lot (at Kerrina & Oak), Holly Drive (between Colony Farm & Fern), & Holly Drive (between Lawn & Thyme).

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